roast of flavor flave

Discussion in 'General' started by popsson, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. was hilarious.. snoop was so messed up
  2. yea im watchin it right now, snoop was blazin a blunt right on stage

    jimmy kimmel killed that shit!
  3. It was pretty funny. There were some random people there, though. :confused:
  4. <3 patton oswalt

    and is it just me or does lisa lampanelli look....good? 0_o
  5. are you a black guy? you might have a chance...
  6. lol hilarious... flave was fuckin smashed out of his fuckin mind.. his ex was crashing and burning.... nobody laughed for her... the first few people were the funniest tho... then it died down
  7. yah man snoop was so done,he said it like twice he was like Im so fucked up. then when he was blazing the blunt i was like yah that aint no cigar. Funny though weed jokes had me laughing.
  8. i thought kimmel went to far with the chris benoit joke
  9. "I am fuckedddd upppp right now." - Snoop
  10. Hahaha.. snoop was the best
  11. Smoked a whole lot and watched it with my friend... So funny. Everyone was fucked up.

    Flavor Flaaav.
  12. yea dat shit was clownin
  13. juicy titties
  14. That shit was really funny, I thought it was funny how they kept making fun of Kat Williams.:p
  15. jimmy kimmel killed me then when he said chris benoit was a better father then flave i lost it and i forget who said it but that flav lookedl ike a skeleton wrapped in electrical tape hahah bony ass crack head best line of the night......." how can we roast him hes already black as charcoal"

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