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  1. So, the Roast of Bob Saget is coming on Comedy Central at 10PM East Coast time. Should be funny... if it's even half as funny as the Roast of Flavor Flav, it will be good. But I have a feeling it's going to insanly raunchy and hilarious.

    Anyone else checkin' it out?

  2. just finsihed smoking getting some snacks ready im about to watch it lol cant wait to hear some full house jokes
  3. 2 hours
    im sick as fuck got nothin better to do
    gonna smoke alll my weed and hope its funny hah
  4. I think this is the 2nd encore but its just starting so im packin a fatty!:hello: <3 Saget
  5. Waiting til non edited version comes out (or late late night), to lame with bleeps. Seriously.
  6. cloris leachman ftw

  7. i second that.

    i thought it was funny. about half the 'rosters' sucked. and the other half were really funny. all in all it was worth seeing.

    bob saget.:D.
  8. i thought it was pretty funny especially the full house jokes and how they kept mentioning jerry o connel to john stamos lol im sure that was really pissing him off

  9. Agree'd, by far the best one of them all.

    Norm Macdonald's act just confused the hell out of me.
  10. Word. "You, the fat one." Had Jeff Garlin rolling. I thought the part in Garlin's routine where he laughed about the "(Sincere Moment)" was hilarious. "Time slot is everything."

    Greg Giraldo had me laughing as hard as the last time I tripped boomers.

    Some good quote...

    "Pryor's dead. Carlin's dead. Saget, healthy as a mule."

    "And the Emmy goes to Bob Saget."

    The best part was that even Saget was funny. "Gilbert, why are you awlays squinting? It looks like you're staring into an eclipse." "Suck my $100 million cock. Thank you."

    Good times.
  11. I am thinking that he was intentionally bad to make fun of how unfunny Bob Saget is.

    All the other roasters and Saget thought it was hilarious. It got funnier and funnier to me as I started to think he was intentionally bad. Macdonald's a funny dude, so I doubt he couldn't come up with anything "better" than that.

    Anyone else agree?

    Double post... because this is my motherfuckin' thread. :devious:
  12. Giraldos one of my favorite comedians and I think he could have done better. The AFV and Full House jokes were great though
  13. i thought it was fuckin hilarious. the jokes were incredibly cliched but that was the point. that joke about the 'well wishers'. he was like "apparently they want to murder you in a well according to this notecard.":laughing::laughing::laughing:
  14. I think the "sincere moment" sign was what got me laughing my ass off, he was all like well wtf do you want me to say? Good roast, almost as good as Pams.
  15. i thought norm mcdonald was one of the funniest roasters lol. he was the only person that didn't rely almost totally on shock value or profane sexual humor.

    don't get me wrong, i love raunchy comedy but norm mcdonald is a veteran.

    if he had come out to slam bob sagget with as many gay jokes as he can think of i would have been terribly disappointed.

    "if people say your over the hill, don't believe'll never be over the hill, not in the car you drive!"

    "that isn't your only resemblance to rin tin're a fuckin dog face"

    come on! that's good comedy!
  16. one of my good friends was roasting, so it was nice to see him doing that - he had a few good jokes...

    "Brian Posehn always looks like he just saw the Ark of the Covenant."


    overall pretty funny, but i've seen better. I wish Artie Lange was able to make it like he was supposed to but the idiot fell off the wagon.
  17. i thought it was pretty funny one of them made a reference to w/e olson and heath ledger and the whole crowd was like omg omg silent and he was like its ok heath would have been fine with it
  18. Greg Giraldo.

    He's a douchebag. Not really very funny, just says things for shock value. I've seen him a dozen or so times back in like 2003... and many episodes of Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn... he's a coke addict. Then again, most comedians are.
  19. very good times lol :)
  20. did anyone want John Stamos to drop dead everytime they showed him on camera, he wasnt even remotely funny

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