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  1. Using biobizz and molasses. I will gradually switch out the biobizz nutes for natural alternatives as they run out.

    I used Epsom salts and egg shells on the first grow. This time I couldn't get enough egg shells for the 3 plants I started, so decided to get some cal mag which I will use this grow. I guess using epsom salts in addition to cal mag is overkill. If you think I should add a little epsom to the mix as well, let me know!

    I would like to know if you think I'm using too much/too little feed, and what natural alternatives i could replace this feed with.

    I would also like some recommendations for cal mag. The instructions say 1ml/L during vegetative growth.

    Veg is week 1 to 4. Flower week 5 onwards... although if the plants aren't as tall as I want them by the end of week 4 then they will repeat that week's schedule until they are ready to be switched to 12/12.

    Week 1 starts when plants are approximately 10cm tall with two sets of leaves. I guess they have about another week on plain water before I start feeding them anything.

    I have added a picture of the plants at the moment, receiving plain water. I have also added a picture of my feed schedule.

    1579262750950.jpg 1579262857639.jpg

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  2. What water are you using?
    Are you sure you need calmag?
    Plants in coco should be fed nutrients from sprout.....never plain water.
    30% perlite to your coco and starting in solo cups will promote fast growth.
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  3. Tap water. I knew there was not supposed to be a water day... but thought it was best not to use chemicals from seed until they are about 5 inches tall. I know lots of people use filtered water or spring water but it seems I need to spend lots of time with a manual filter or spend lots of money on an expensive one, so tap water and a pH meter it is. I aim for a pH of 6.3.

    So what dose would you recommend to use for the seed -> seedling stage? Should I just be using the root juice?

    Ordered some peat pots but never arrived and the gardening sections in local shops seem to be limited at this time of year. Waiting on more to be delivered for next time but I just chucked the seeds straight into 10L pots.

    I'm not sure that I need cal mag, but have read that the most common problem in coco coir is calcium or magnesium deficiency so thought I should get some just to be safe, because I dont have the egg shells this time.

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  4. If you use tap water, you may not need calmag.......I use tap and never have to use it.
    Your pH should be around 6.0.
    I don't know anything about root no comment.
    I don't know the nutes you are using.....but I suggest starting 1/4 strength of the recommended dose and watch your plants.
    Ditch the eggshells.
    Good luck.
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  5. Ok thanks for the tips! I did a test run with just one plant before this and had a lot of chemical burn after a few weeks of feeding... that was using just less than half of the recommended amount. So I adjusted quite a bit for this run. Hopefully low enough now.

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  6. Yeah dont put anything organic into coco mate. Use bottled nutes at quarter strength, 8th strength for seedlings. Feed every day to run off. Ph 5.7 for veg then upto 6.3ish for bloom. Not much else to it really.
    As mentioned you probably wont need the calmag if using tap. The coco making you need more thing is just a myth.
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  7. Brilliant thanks. Definitely wont be using any more egg shells.

    So, when you say nothing organic, does that include the molasses? Or is that safe to use because its refined?

    I was using biobizz top max but got told that its actually crap and molasses is a better replacement.

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  8. Molasses isn’t something I’m greatly familiar with tbh. Where I’m from we call it treacle and it goes on a sponge pudding lol.
    but from my understanding, the point of it is to feed the micro biology in a soil and doesn’t actually benefit a coco grow.
    A soil grower be able to tell you all about the stuff though cos most of those guys use it.
  9. Also, the reason behind not putting any amendments in the coco is because of the volume of water required to keep it wet.
    If there’s anything of nutritional value in the coco itself then the more you water it the stronger it will get. End up with tox problems and nout you can do as if you water less you’ll burn the plants with salt build up.
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  10. Hmm... then maybe it's the case that top max is not necessary, either. Gonna have to read through a few more grow journals.

    Yeah I would call it treacle normally too... took me ages to work out they are the same thing. Thanks for the help. I guess I'll look at another company's nutes that are specifically for coco. Biobizz seem ill-informed themselves.

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  11. I use GH MaxiBloom from start to finish.....the only amendments are silica, and KoolBloom in flower.
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  12. I feed similar to mick but with growth technology. 1 bottle for veg, one bottle for bloom, scillica and pk 14/15.
    Ive tried pissing about with 10 different bottles and it’s pointless. Less is best imo :)
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  13. Thanks to you both. That sounds more like what I want. Just want something simple and obvious so I can fine tune the rest of my grow. Had thought that sticking with any one brand would keep things simple but I guess not.

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  14. Figure out a feed with the juice you got. Are you drain to waste. Keep that flowing thru it atleast once a day. I put zero perlite in my coco. My bitches are 1 wk into flower and drinking almost a half gallon of feed a day. Keep it simple. Eggshells in coco, must be smoking the good shit.
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  15. Yeah I'm gonna keep with this stuff til it runs out at least, but I feel like I could find something a lot cheaper.

    Since I took the advice from here I have been watering in the morning til runoff, collecting the runoff and then just checking how heavy the pots are to decide if they need any extra.

    Last time I just did one plant cos I was expecting issues with temp./humidity in a new setup (actually runs pretty well). Then I didn't use any perlite, but it wasnt draining very well at all.

    I feel like the main problems I did have were probably due to too many nutes and poor drainage. I'll try out using less perlite next time but figured I'll stick to the textbook method first and see how things improve.

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  16. If it dries out. The salts build up in the coco thats why you gotta feed em daily atleast to keep the coco from holding onto the nutes.
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  17. I get you. Yeah I have been over complicating things and thinking too much about soil grows. For now the plants are looking pretty healthy, at least.

    I guess I'll work out the cheapest way to fine tune humidity/temps this time while I use the rest of my nutes... and work out what the simplest replacement is.

    For the next grow I'll try different amounts of perlite in each pot and share the results.

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  18. Your pots look a bit big for the size of the seedlings. It might be a challenge to keep the plant wet without over watering. Generally speaking, I stay in a solo cup with drainage until the plants leaves are big enough to span the diameter of the cup. The. I transplant to a 1 gallon, then to a 3 gallon.

    Also, I target 5.7 +/- 0.2 pH and try to have some variation. Fwiw

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  19. Thanks. Why do you try to have variation? Do the plants get lazy if pH is kept at the same level or something?

    Gonna try solo cups for the next grow. Was gonna go for peat pots cos its what i know... but i guess they would be a bad idea in coco.

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  20. Pretty much.
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