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  1. Well i know its not to long now for us college students before xmas break roles around i was wanting to take a major road trip threw florida. Being from a mid western state there isnt to much around here. So i figure RoadTrip!!

    Here is my plan:

    I already got a a mini van lined up. Its a brand new mini van with tons of room and kool little gadgets. So the transportation is taken care of. Ive got about 5 sleeping bags and a shit load of pillows. That Takes care of sleeping arrangements. Now comes the fun part. Ill make sure i hit up the Sams Club and get alot of muchies. I just got a brand new fuel card, So the gas is not a problem. Im thinking of bringing about 2-3oz's of herb along with some shrooms for those nights on the florida beachs. Im also going to bring along some spending cash becasue i would love to bring back some of floridas finest herb to illinois. The only problem is no one to ride along.

    Anyone interested let me know..

    But some of the best road trips our the ones taken alone.
  2. Bstick

    Check your messages, I PM'd you.
  3. im a senior in st louis and i got a awsome place to go november 1-3. shwagfest! tons of people selling tones of herb and shrooms. and not one cop gives a damn! cant wate!
  4. I love road trips.........I just wish I could get some time off from work so I can take one. My next trip, I'm going to Graceland to get high with the king.
  5. whats up sorry ive been away from the board for about a week. well i should find out today when xmas break begins and ends.. the road trip is a definate GO!!!! please anyone else interested pm me or post on this thread.. well im outta here gotta head to the electronics lab for 2.5 hrs of hands on electronics.. haha and my lab partner is some 55 yr old guy... haha hope he doesnt have a pace maker.. later

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