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  1. Whats up everyone!!!!
    I decided to split my grow journal and glass journal because there is always so much happening around here. So this will be my perpetual grow journal that will soon be on a monthly harvest cycle.
    Right now, I have a Durban Poison and a Pre '98 Bubba Kush that I just threw into flower last week as well as another clone of each in veg.
    The plants in flower are both in 5 gal pots.

    I run all FFOF along with their 3 liquid nutes and 3 soluable suppliments.
    I have been using Smartpots for a while now and I dont plan on changing any time soon.
    I also use Superthrive and Cal-Mag on occasion.
    In veg I am currently using CFL's but I hope to upgrade to a 250w MH system in about a week.
    In flower I am running a 600w system with a cool tube that has a nice inline attached to it. This is the first time Ive used the 600w system, the last 2 runs were under 400w systems.

    "Background Info"

    I am proud to say that I havent seen a single spider mite in weeks!!! I went through a lot of different methods to get rid of them including lady bugs, neem oil, and Ed Rosenthals Zero Tolerance, but the only thing that worked like it claimed it would was Azamax...this stuff is a little pricey but its worth EVERY penny.

    I have been growing for a little under a year and have grown the following strains to harvest:
    Hindu Berry
    Sour Diesel
    Ice Cream
    Durban Poison
    Alaskan Ice

    I began growing under CFL's in veg and flower but have upgraded to HPS in flower and plan to upgrade to MH in veg very soon.
    I am also working on getting a couple new strains, hopefully within the week. I will be getting Headband and Afgooey

    I will post pics of my current set up tomorrow and hopefully do updates about once a week so stay tuned!!!
    P.S. This journal will also include my BHO, QWISO, and edible updates

    Smoke Everything In Sight
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  3. I'll tag along for the ride! :bongin:
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  7. Hell yeah fellas, im glad to see this much interest!!!
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    Here we go guys!!!
    We will start off in veg where I have 7 clones at the moment, 3 of the Pre '98 Bubba Kush, and 4 Durban Poison. 2 of the BK just rooted yesterday, they took a while to get going but the roots look super strong.

    Outside looking in:


    Next is my flower tent where I have 1 Durban and 1 Bubba that have been in flower for about a week now and will begin week 5 of the FF feeding schedule this week.

    Outside looking in:

    Bubba Kush, Im excited about this bush...

    Durban Poison, starting to bush up a bit:

    Im happy with both of these plants so far...I dont really keep a thermometer/barometer in the tent any more, my temps are steady and I use Damprid and a 4" fan 24/7 to keep humidity down and that has been working for months now.

    Thats all for right now, the fun part is about to start so stay tuned!!!!
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  10. Yo! what up RoadDog!!! Seen you around the city figured I must stop bye!! Killer setup bro, and another man that loves his ff products.. Def here with ya till the end bro!! Subbed and Dubbed like a mug!!!
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  12. welcome guys!!!
    check out my glass thread too if you havent, just posted a pretty sick update and I have been making pendants and "xmas ornaments" like will be up of those next week!!!
  13. Subbed! Looking great:wave:
  14. Happy Turkey Day Everyone!!!!

    Quick update today, not too much going on in veg other than the fact that I need to transplant.
    Flower is starting to look nice, the plants are on week 6 of the FF schedule and starting to stretch a little bit.
    A few pics to hold you over until things get exciting...


    smoke eat smoke eat smoke eat smoke
  15. Hey Doggie! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours
  16. Hope you had a good one RD!:wave: They look great! That Durban is going to have a fat cola lol:smoke:
  17. Happy Leftover Turkey Day :D
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  18. What's up everyone!!!
    Did some transplanting in veg yesterday, put 5 of the clones into 1 gal smartpots.
    The plants in flower are starting to swell slightly, I expect a growth spurt to come within a week or two. Pic update will come tomorrow.
  19. Hey everyone!!!
    sorry I've been slacking on the updates lately, I've been battling a nasty cold. Lots of stuff has been going on in the garden, I have 4 durbans in 1 gal smart pots and 1 bubba in a 1 gal smart pot, they are all looking great and receiving week 2 nutes on the fox farm schedule, they will start week 3 on tuesday and then into flower shortly after. Its gonna be super cramped in flower but that's what happens hahaha.
    In flower the durban and bubba are looking awesome, I propped the bubba up and its definitely one of the best plants I've grown yet, the durban is also looking nice and starting to swell up and get frosty. Im still waiting on the bubba to get its swell on and frost up but its not too far behind.
    As of january I will be on a monthly harvest schedule which im stoked about. I plan on starting up a couple seeds in a few weeks, im leaning towards nyc diesel and ISS but im not positive yet. Pics will come before the end of this week.
    stay high

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