Road-trippin all summer long!

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    Its finally happening! everything fell into place and i will be doing a road trip across america this summer!!!!! Its something i've talked about for years with different friends, but i never thought it would come together, or that id have the opportunity to be able to do it. Well now, i finally do. I recently found myself a band, really just my best friend and I, and we found our 3rd member. well, we talked n talked about how sick itd be to do a road trip across america, eventually ending in california, where we have family that we can stay for free (and a recording studio where we can record for free!!!!!!!!). Basically, one of the kids dads has really good music connections, and on top of getting us free recording time, his dad also got all three of us jobs that we can do from our computer, paying us each 12 dollars an hour. SO we will all take some time each day, work, and pool all our money together in order to pay for our drugs, gas, food, and housing (in that order). We're doing this hunter s thompson style, and fortunately i'll be HST haha, im keeping a journal and writing a book about everything (im actually more excited about that - any blades who know me know that i love to write - im in journalism at school and i like it almost as much as music).

    we dont have an entire road plan yet, the only things that are deffinite is that we will start by heading south and arriving in bonaroo. thats where we will kick off our trip, and also by the majority of our drugs haha. from there, we will head west. We are deffinitely hitting colorado, and from there, heading to san francisco for a few days where i have family. From san francisco, we are gonna take the PCH all the way to LA, where i have a family friend who is very wealthy and will house us for as long as we want. The rest of everything is yet to be figured out - but seeing as the only issue before was money, and we got that figured out - 2009= summer of my life.

    this is literally my dream coming true. Not only is it going to be fun, but its going to be the only big opportunity i've had in my music and journalism career thus far

    oh yea, and i already started the journal, which will help to write the actual book. The book will be called Road Trippin', and my journal is noted as being called "road trippin' w/ my 2 favorite ally's" I have a feeling that song is gonna be playin in the car a lot

    oh, yes, and blades, i will keep my journal on here at GC, or at least on my blog, so when this all starts goin down, you guy's will be the first to know
  2. dude i dont know why you would come to arkansas on your trip accross the united states but if you do man there will be a party waiting for you. If you pass through little rock you need to PM me or somehow get a hold of me. Good times will be had.

    Also thats badass you get to take a road trip. Def gonna be the summer of your life
  3. You are inspiring me to really go through with it. I would loooooove to do that.
  4. hey man, i got a (almost) 4 month vacation - im gonna squeeze in as much america as i can, this is an opportunity i will most likely never have again. and hell yea dude i will deffinitely hit you up if i pass through, i'll have my computer, so i'll try n keep all the blades updated on my location - who knows, maybe i'll meet all my favorite blades this summer haha, thatd be crazy

    if you have the means (financially, vehicle, etc) to do it, then deffinitely do it man! ive wanted to do it for so long but never thought id have the chance. if you got the chance, don't let it slip through your fingers.
  5. i did a cross country drive from eastern PA to central CO this past june. AMAZING experiences.

    hope you have a great time!
  6. Ive made the trip before, its fun, good luck on your journey!
    Hope you got a lot of money to bring with ya, between gas, food, stimulus, and emergencies, its costly.
  7. Wow, that would definately be a journey. Do you plan on playing shows with your band and stuff, because if you are I could possibly hook ya up with a few places who could hire you guys to play. Theres also a lot of good drugs in Minnesota :):smoke::wave: You definatly should keep us posted, because I will probably never get the chance to do this and it would be an interesting read! Good luck bro!!!!
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    AWESOME! my best frien andi are goign to take out cross america road trip this summer too and start going north first major stop bonaroo. Last year we took a road trip to canada from florida and now were goign to try and do most of the USA in 3-4 weeks. happy travels
  9. I keep a daily journal. When i start the road trip, im starting a new journal just for that purpose, and i will also be posting it online, so all you guys will deffinitely get a daily update from me. We weren't planning on playing shows just because that would require us setting up a "tour," but we will have our instruments, so we'll deffinitely take any show we can get, and we'll have our demo cd out before summer so that should help us get an occasional show.

    as far as money, my friend got all 3 of us travelling jobs (working from the computer essentially, for his dad). It pays 12 an hour, and we can work as many hours as we want. so even if we only did 2 x 4 hours days each, we'd make almost 300 bucks for that week. So even if we are barely working, we'll make 300, so we will probably each work about 12 hours a week, and make about $430 total a week to pool between us. We will either find places to crash, crash in the car, or rent a shitty motel for like $30-50 a night, where we can just shower, sleep, n be back on the road. Money shouldnt be too big of an issue, but yea we will have to work.

    see you in bonaroo!!! lol
  10. Your my Hero, i've been dying to take a road trip across the county.
    I will some day.
    Good luck your going to have a blast
  11. Man thats so sick haha. Ive always wanted to do some big ass road trip, i think it would be so sick.

    and man, if you pass through san jose california, hit me up dude.

  12. haha will do man.

    im actually gonna put this out here now since im getting a lot of PMs and what-not
    In regards to this thread: i would love to meet anyone from GC so long as i am passing through or gonna be near your city. However, so many people have been telling me to stop though, so i know i won't remember lol. I will be posting a journal/blog/update thread when i start the trip, and i will keep everyone up to date as to where i am, and where im going. Feel free to comment in that thread, and if you see that im heading near you, shoot me a pm or something, cuz im totally down. If you play an instrument, ill be with my band, and we are always down to jam with new people, especially from new parts of the country!!!

    damn, is it just stoners, or does everyone love road trips?! haha
  13. dude, i play bass....well i have a bass lol, i havent played in so long. but im fuckin down to get hella drunk get my bass and just fuck around with you guys on stage.....ill have to turn the volume all the way down though, becuase itll sound like shit.
  14. i will be at bonnaroo as well. first timer here, going with 2 friends that have both already been tho.

  15. ill be checking that daily update brotha. Be safe and have an awsome trip
  16. You've gotta make a stop in Salt Lake City if ya can man. Beautiful place, awesome people, and when you get around to letting us all know where you're gonna be along the way I'll hook you up with some home grown, that way you'll really remember this place.

    Sounds like a blast man. Once I'm done with grad school I want to go backpacking across Europe and Asia before I have to settle down in a career.
  17. hell yea man, i got hella time so im gonna try n make it everywhere cool that i can. and yea, backpacking europe n tavelling asia is another thing i really wanna do - hope i eventually get the chance to do it
  18. DUDE, thats tight!

    Colorado would become your fav state. :devious:;)
  19. lol, id say your being biased, but from what ive heard and read, i actually think your right - colorado sounds amazingly beautiful. I wanna find a hot spring somewhere in the mountains n just chill for a day lol.
  20. Hey if you don't mind me asking, where ya from in NE?

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