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Road Trip: Texass to Denver

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Dr.Olds, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. Leaving for The Rocky Mountain High!!

    After a 30 Day "T" Break one week later I feel the same way I did B4!! Like chasing a high that just don't come either with Concentrates or flower I am getting here..

    I have been told Oh! This comes from Cali or Colorado OR It's Top Shelf this and that..... you all have heard all the names and places your weed is from & how great it is only to find it is Shit!! Well I'm tired of the leftovers and Sub Quality products that makes it to Texass for $360-$400 an Oz OR $60 a gram for Concentrates so I am off to see for myself just What the heck is up in Denver..

    Got hooked up with a Fellow Veteran that says he knows the Dispensary where the "good stuff" is available and we'll use his Medical Card to get on the cheap side for cost $15-$30 a gram. I'll be staying for 6 days so I am sure that with the vast amount of selections I will find what truly works for me.

    Any other DAV's (Navy here) in Denver on here? Is it as good as they say? Hope it don't snow.......Lol
  2. Life is all good in Denver.....

    Well 6 days of some of the Best Buds, Wax, Oil, Medables and Hash I have ever put in this 55YO body. Some of the better and longer lasting highs were from Medables, Drinks work really well better than smoking once you let them take affect you stay high for 6+ hours on 300mg. cost $8.00!!

    Went to the 710 social club as a guest they just pass out the Dabs until you just can't do anymore!! It is BYOB but everybody was friendly and were happy to share what they have Big Sheets Of Wax!!

    It is time to make the last move of my life after moving 14 times (Navy Family) not going to wait on Texass. I'm looking for a place now and hope to be moved in the spring... Denver Colorado Is That Good! BUT the gun laws suck.... Cheers

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