Road Trip Preperation - What Am I Forgetting?

Discussion in 'General' started by whiskey, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Alright, going on a road trip to Vegas on Thursday with my best friend and I need someone to check over my list of things I'm bringing to make sure I'm prepared. Here we go!

    - Lots of marijuana [picking up tomorrow night]
    - Pipe, rollers, papers [check]
    - Cell phone car charger [check]
    - GPS [picking it up tomorrow night]
    - School books [boo. check]
    - Camera battery charger [check]
    - Febreeze for the car [check]
    - Eye drops [check]
    - Winter coat [check]
    - Waters to drink [yah, I'm going to probably forget those]
    - Entire CD collection [check]
    - Grinder [will pack tomorrow night]
    - Extra Bics [check]

    Anything else? As you can see everything I've listed is superficial. Anything I need to make sure I REALLY need? We're looking at a 9 hour trip, they say.
  2. lots of money haha besides that, it looks good to me
  3. No check!! I don't have that much money, but I"m going anyway.
  4. and you included camera charger but no camera lol im guessing you just forgot to put it on the list
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    Where are you staying? If you can drive out of town a little bit and you don't have reservations, stay at a hotel called 'The Oasis' in Mesquite, Nevada. For about $50, you'll get a bigger room then anywhere else in Vegas. They are clean, and the breakfast buffet is better then anything I've ever had in Vegas.

    Also, if you need weed, go up to the Mexicans holding signs for hookers outside of New York New York hotel casino. Ask them for 'mota' and don't act sketchy. They sell regs, but you can talk the price down to about $35 / 3.5g. They can get coke, too. Ask for coca.

    The best buffet in vegas is at Mandolay Bay hotel casino. Its about $45 a plate, but EVERYTHING is perfectly prepared. I've eaten at every place in vegas, and Mandolay Bay is the best, hands down.

    Downtown Vegas can be just as fun as the strip. Don't leave it out.

    If you really need to stay in the city, stay at Circus Circus. They have a lower class motel that is just as good as their economy rooms in the tower, except they are right next to the laundromat. The laundromat is next to the RV Park, which has a pretty good pool. Just be careful not to get sunburned as there is no shade. Its deeper then most hotel pools. Its locked, just yell over the gate for someone and if they ask, just tell them you forgot the combination for the electronic lock.

    A cool place to visit that isn't too far away is Lake Mead. You can rent Jetskis there for cheap money and its really a blast. Also, go check out the hoover dam. If you decide to go to any of the two aforementioned places, make sure you stop at the Railroad Crossing Hotel/Casino. Its probably 25 minutes out of vegas, right outside the pass. Awesome breakfast buffet.

    A good place to get drinks is near the big coca cola bottle on the strip. I forget the name of the place, but you walk down underground kinda to an ice bar. It might even be called 'the ice bar'. Awesome frozen drinks.

    Cigarettes are way too expensive in vegas. Pick them up on the way.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I know all the ins and outs of that city.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention, Mesquite is 80 miles north of vegas on I-15. Traffic usually flies at about 75mph so it only takes a little more then an hour. A lot of the ride is right on the desert, so its pretty beautiful. If you stay there, you can smoke a joint in the morning before heading to the city. That's what I did.


    Beware, somebody tried to sell me 'weed' right at that pictured place (that's me walking towards the old Frontier sign, its probably gone now). Make sure you ask to smell it before you buy it. One whiff of that crap and I knew it was some legal herb crap and not mary jane.

  6. damn dude.
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    We're staying at the Palms. Honestly, we were kind of worried about our safety, being two chicks alone and the concert is there as well, I don't mind putting out the extra money, PLUS it's Valentine's Day weekend so many hotels have stay through requirements or are booked up already, but we've got reservations.

    We're only going to be in Vegas for one entire day, but some of the day on Thursday, hopefully. We aren't going to have much time to do much and are planning on bringing our own food to save on that cost.

    It's really all about the concert for us, and being stoned, but I want to go to Hoover Dam so I'm hoping we can squeeze that in on Friday. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll keep them in mind [well in my phone so I remember]
  8. What? There is a more public pool for hotel guests, but almost every pool in vegas is only 3 feet and the water tastes like sweat/urine. The RV park pool is at least clean (theres a sauna and a hot tub there, also), its less crowded, and its 8 feet deep so you can actually tread and get under water. :hello:
  9. It's going to be pretty cold, no swimming for us.
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    Be careful. Vegas isn't that friendly a place. The locals are there to take advantage of the tourists. Try not to get suckered into a scam, they are all over the place.

    If you're going to the hoover dam, go very early in the morning. The traffic is usually horrible. There's a security check before you can go to the dam. This provides two problems:

    1. You have weed in the car
    2. It makes the traffic horrendous.

    Go real early, and stop at that Railroad crossing place I told you about. You'll love their breakfast buffet. If my memory serves me right, it only costs 7 or 8 bucks, but the omlette guy is great (big fat guy). Its kinda weird to get there from the eastbound side of the highway (you have to cross over the westbound side which might take a few minutes), but I highly recommend it.

    EDIT: Also, watch out for the homeless people. They generally hang out in downtown vegas. One of them tried to scam me for weed when I asked him, but I knew better. ;)
  11. Dude.

    Have a blast.

    Oh yea.

    Did ya hit up Marcy Playground like I mentioned, yo?
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    Vegas is my favorite city in America. Its vice city, really. As we blades know, humans have some predisposition to get fucked up. And vegas is the number one place to get fucked up. I've been to every state in the US except Alaska and Hawaii, so I'm not underexperienced.

    The last time I was in Vegas was August 2008 when me and my two brothers, along with my uncle walked across the grand canyon (even though the canyon is in arizona). The desert is my favorite biome on the planet, and I've been to just about all of them. If you really like hiking, come back to vegas and use it as a staging point for a backpacking trip into the canyon. Something like 1.6 million people visit the canyon every year, but fewer then 1% actually walk into it. Fewer then that hike rim to rim to rim (across and back again). That's what I did. Its about 50 miles round trip, but it was a lifechanging event. And believe me, I've done a lot of shit.

    To stand on the edge of a 1,500 foot plateau with not a single soul in sight (and you can see for miles), above the Colorado river is... There are no words that can describe it.

    Anyways, sorry to hijack your thread, but here's a picture:


    You can see a trail off my shoulder in that picture... Yeah, I walked down that and stood on the edge of the cliff and smoked a bowl there. Its something I'll never forget no matter how much acid I drop. I fucking love the southwest. If only there was an ocean closer to the desert...
  13. I can say that Vegas is not my favorite place in the world, but I do love the desert. There's nothing like that place. Joshua Tree National Park ... I wish I could live there.

    Thank you, for the advice and suggestions, I definately appreciate them and hope that we'll be able to impliment some of them. Plus, thanks for letting me know about the security check and what not...
  14. get some beer
    that's a must for long ass road trips

    oh and I would get some blow...maybe that's just me
    but it makes the trip fun ha :cool:
  15. dude whiskey i thought you were a dude

    damn this happens way too often

  16. Waits a sec..... Vegas= cold makes no sense unless you are going up the cascades. I might have read it wrong.
  17. ^^I think vegas can get somewhat cold in the winter.

    Have fun, Whiskey!!
  18. It's going to be cold, well, it's going to be as cold as it is here as it is there.

    Feb 12

    Few Showers


    That's the weather for Vegas, that is not warm.

    Don't feel bad, most people did.

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