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Road Trip.....hehe

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JointGrabbinJay, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. Sounds like a bad idea huh? well your fucken wrong...

    ok me and my main smoke-monkey mike and my main crew member mattdawg are hittin the streets for a badass trip of lifeness. but we will have with us the warm comfort of mary jane.....(lifeness?whatever!)....all i need from you are destinations. no trip is to far. you name the destination and reason why its worth the ride and if its good enough i'll go. so comon people give me a trip worth my tripp..

  2. Interesting thread.


    Unfortunately I can't think of any place exciting, but I'll hold off until some posts start flowing and my brain starts working.
  3. canada if you guys are 19. :p
  4. gave it some thought actually
  5. Go to seattle, find this guy t-mans house and match him a couple bowls get drunk and pass out...then take


    P.s, its all on you :D

    on a serious note, washington has great scenery and nice people. Great buds for great prices. And some good fishing in the summer :cool:
  6. come down to miami

    beaches, cuban food, hot women

    what else could you want
  7. Vancouver, BC Canada.

    Awesome scenery, always something to do, cheaep smoke, (and it's fucking good)
  8. i wouldnt mind hitting up b.c. for a week or 2
  9. yo some of these are fucking great, Miami sounds badass
    (hot women,cuban munchies, and best of all weed)
    Seattle huh?
  10. go to somewhere that still has snow, i dont care if it is summer fucking find someplace that has snow and go rip up the hills mother fucker. SNOWWWWBBOPOAAAARDIIDDDDINNNGGGGGG WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. fa shooga
  11. only place interesting around here is Kings Island or the Beach Waterpark
  12. Were roughly do you live by, state, closest big city.

    I took a road trip cross country, it was a blast.

    Also how many hours do you want to drive?

    And make sure on your road trip you have a destination, and things along the way to stop and see.
  13. New Orleans...... some of the best glass ive ever bought was in the French market...
  14. i say washington too, ooonly because i roadtripped there last year and it was awesome. an lots of stuff to see.... cant wait to go back.
  15. Strange coincidence. A guy from work said that devil's tower is a cool place to see. I dunno where it is though, somewhere in the states, it's an unerrupted volcano

  16. ^yeah i love it
  17. come visit me in tampa ;)
  18. drive up to washington or oregon.... great states ..with good bud and plenty of pretty places to smoke....

  19. you mean zealand....
  20. Duluth or the north shore in Minnesota. it is so nice up there and there are hardly any cops. plus they have some nice headshops and stoner hangouts in Duluth. beautiful place. it's crazy, man.

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