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  1. Hey guys this thread is going to update my journey into getting laid :smoke:

    I am a 19 year old virgin, and my 2 other homies who have fucked 10+ different girls, hundreds of times are betting who can get me laid first, by the end of my college semester which ends on June. I NEVER go to parties, but I'm going to one this Saturday. I will keep you blades updated :smoke:

    And I know these homies can get me laid because I've seen them pick up girls at least 10 times like nothing

    And one of my friends is with a 25 year old girl who is making a salary, and he is 20 going to a community college.

    Fuckin' excited:D
  2. you cant expect them to do ALL the work and something to happen. i guarantee nothing happens unless you put forth a little effort too.
  3. So your two bros will pick up a chick for you and help you lose your virginity now, but what about in the future? You won't learn anything if they just pick them up for you.
  4. What bunny said. Why don't you like going to parties?
  5. Well make sure you don't get any stds bro, I'm sure a lot of chicks will like to fuck you when they find out you are a virgin
  6. They'll get you laid alright, but it ain't gonna be with Jessica Alba...


  7. No offense but it's not like shopping for groceries...

    Your homies can only do so much haha, probably only open at best. Once that chick starts talking to you you're on your own homes.

  8. Why are you in such a rush? You might as well get a hooker.

  9. Stating the obvious.... Haaha yeah of course -___-

  10. Of course I have to take part. It's not like I'm going to be sitting there while my homies help me out.
    I don't like going to parties, because alot of the parties here in southern cali get super out of control and I never really thought it was cool or anything, you know?

    I prefer chill kickbacks :smoke:

  11. Haha nahh trust me. A lotttt of the college girls in socal who go to parties (csuf, cslb, ect..) are 8's, 9's and 10's. There is always that 5, but you must know what I'm saying since you live in Cali. I think that in all of the US, California has THEE cutest girls ever. I've been to 12 different states too, including New York.

  12. off topic I know, but the chick in this .gif was gyrating in perfect harmony with a wild jazz piece I had on and I spent WAY too long staring and grooving with her :eek:
  13. Meh... TBH, I lost mine to some random girl back when I was 12. Kinda sucks because after I lost it, I didn't feel any different. I wish mine had been better. I took my now wifes when we first started dating and we both remember that :) Just try to make it memorable, fuck rushing it.
    Find a good patient girl, plan a chill evening and just let love happen man. It isnt about how many chicks you nail. That just opens doors to funky bugs, disease and bad times. From experience, find a girl that likes you for real, be honest with her and the rest will happen...

    Unless you want some random drunk chick that probably likes to party and have sex (not always safe imo) taking it. Take it for what it is, if you haven't lost it yet, who cares about rushing now?
    Unless you look up to those homies because they screw everything they can land.
    My opinion again, but the best sex I've had (and I have been with 30+ and more then one) has always been my wife. When people learn to explore each other, it's bliss and my wife can make me shake and lose my breath, literally.

    I talk too much... its really up to you bro. I just dont know many, if any, guys that said losing it was the time they had with a random girl. The best ones seem to be where the guy and girl take their time.
  14. Bro I've partied all over SoCal(from Torrance, Redondo, Palos Verdes, San Pedro, Long Beach, all the way out to Irvine, Pomona, Riverside, etc.) and the majority of girls are not 8s, 9s, or 10s. You must watch too many movies. I'm guessing you're going to that Project X party? :rolleyes:

  15. Beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder lol.

    Beer-goggles suck!

    I admit, I took a few for the team... +shudder+
  16. Don't be too dissapointed when you suck at having sex, because you will. I didn't see it coming when I first had sex, but yeah.
  17. So... you gonna go with the hooker like I suggested?

  18. Have you ever considered doing that?
  19. I'm becoming the world's oldest virgin so no.
  20. its already been achieved you know people have died virgins so you wont be any different...might as well just have sex.

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