Road Head

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  1. Is awesome :)
  2. and dangerous?

    Be careful not to crash. LOL :laughing:
  3. Roadie domie. Yes. Or the highway blows.

    I miss them :(
  4. It's all good if your careful. I cruise backroads that I know really well and with no other cars, and if I need to pull over to finish up I do it.
  5. I'm glad I've gotten it, but it's not all that its cracked up to be. I'm so scared I'm going to crash that I can't enjoy it enough. I'd rather just pull into an empty parking lot and fuck.
  6. True story, but I wish cruisin' cunnilingus was a bit easier to perform...

  7. :p:p if it was id never drive again...if thats ok w/the;):smoke::smoke:
  8. That has a nice ring to it. Never attempted that. Maybe Ill try a little road-finger action...seems a little easier.

    And road head usually leads to pulling over and fucking, I don't think I've
    ever actually finished while driving. That just seems dangerous or like it would be too much distraction to enjoy all that pleasure.
  9. vehicular fellatio?

    never done it, would love to try.

    Question: does road head mean the girl HAS to swallow your load? i'd be pretty pissed if i was goin somewhere with my gf and when we got there i had a huge drool/jizz stain. I guess she could spit it out the window or whatever but the cleanest way to do it is just take it down. right? RIGHT?
  10. Was... gf stopped doin it after two dudes drove by In a lifted truck, and saw her goin to town on my anteater. I donno why she doesn't do it anymore :confused_2: lol
  11. Haha! That reminds me of my best friend. She was giving her bf road head when her sister pulled up alongside on the highway, and her family doesn't know she's "intimate" with this guy. I don't think her sister knew, though, b/c she didn't say anything about it later, but you never really know. :p

    I know that if somebody gave me cunnilingus while driving, we'd have to pull over to finish, b/c I'd crash the car. There's no way I could focus on driving and climaxing at the same time, lol! :D
  12. had a girl who loved to do this.. but I would never let myself blow while driving..I would pull over to do that.
  13. Exactly.

    I mean I usually don't even blow from blow jobs. They're usually just foreplay for me, so I pull over and start fucking before anything gets too intense.

    Only time blowjobs get completed is when the girls on her period. Otherwise it just leads to sex and I finish that way.
  14. You lie.
  15. Marry me?????

    No for real though, Roadhead is the shit! And to Craiggers: that girl better swallow!
  16. Look at the legs on that. :ey:

  17. Oh yes.
    Sounds dangerous but I can control the car easily. I have stopped before though to clean up because it got really messy. If that makes anyone feel better.
    I can only do it when I'm super horny though. Or else I can't bust.
    A nut. Not the car.
  18. I wasn't so much worried about control of the car, just the people passing by. Thank money for limo tint windows.
  19. If you really want to live on the edge, have her give you head while she's driving. :)

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