Roachs bigger than the weed

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  1. I'm new to rolling and my roach is bigger then the amount of weed in the joint? Is that bad
  2. I mean it's like .4 of tightly packed weed
  3. Wait... What? How would the roach be bigger than the weed? i dont understand?

    If you have .4 left in a roach, then you must of rolled up like 2 grams...
  4. No I mean it's only .4 grams of weed I think I made the roach to big because it's not alot of weed so it's fat and short not a pinner
  5. Ohh lol.. Well I dont usually use filteters at all. I dont like them. But If the opening is wide-er than the blunt, thats funny.. Try hitting it see if weed gets in your mouth. Or take that roach off, cut the extra paper off the blunt. Smoke the blunt and hit the roach from a pipe later on.
  6. Should I rip it up and Start over and make it long and skinny or will or burn the Same fat and short
  7. It will hit hard and youlll need less rips if its short n fat... Your not wasting any weed either way... And personally I think if you unroll the blunt your more likely to destroy the cigar and have to buy a new one.
  8. It's a joint man get it right papers not blunt wraps bro
  9. I'd advise re-rolling it as a pin. Long and thin beats short and fat.
  10. I did smoked good

  11. Oh lol some reason I thought You said you rolled your first blunt or something.
    Fuck it re roll until its perfect if you have a pak of papers.

    i fuck up sometimes and unrroll the joint and re roll it. Its cool to see the weed in its rolled form when you un-ravel it aswell haha.
  12. I already did doing the pen trick came out perfect

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