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Roach Weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sparkin, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. I have this ash tray in my backyard, and since everyone smokes in my house, they leave the roaches behind, and I usually break them up into a bowl and smoke them.

    Smoking roaches is good, the weed is coated in resin, it gets you way higher.

    I don't even know why people don't save their roaches...
  2. Didn't have any money, so I rolled up 2 roach blunts yesterday. Way bettetr than anything i would have bought.
  3. Exactly, Its exactly like smoking some of the dankest weed, but the hits are a little bit harsher.

    The one thing I'm going to tell all you Apprentices is to SAVE YOUR ROACHES!
  4. We started saving our roaches freshman year at college in a prescription tube. We all got fucked from those nasty resin blunts, though it's not much different when smoking just a little harsh. Definitely worth it.
  5. I keep all my roaches in a little tin next to the ashtray for a rainy day... Just pop that baby right down in the bowl toast it up and it stays cherried perfectly the whole time your smoking....
  6. ya i smoke roaches when i run low man.
    the resin makes it tastes bad but it gets you super blazed.
  7. yep, roach weed FTW.

    just take the dankest weed you have, smother it in resin, and that's what's i'm talking about.

  8. thats a good idea.
    next time i get the sticky icky, i heat up resin and coat it.
    i cant wait :smoking:
  9. Grimy as hell to work with, but packs a punch that can't be matched. Friends and I would save all the roaches in a pill bottle and when it was filled, would roll a huge blunt out of them. This would be called a first generation. We would then smoke that blunt and save that roach. We would start the process again until we had enough roaches for a few more first generation blunts.

    Then we combined all those first generation blunt roaches and rolled a 2nd generation, and saved that and so on and so forth.

    Just give props to your friend who gets tagged to roll it up, his or her hands will stink for weeks.
  10. I would never throw away a roach. I open them up and load them right into a bowl.
  11. If I pick a 1/2 ounce I add a .5-1g of green to the 12-13 roaches I have, works out well.
  12. which generation are you on now?
  13. #13 stlmodude, Aug 13, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 13, 2008
    definitely save your roaches.

    they are life savers when things get a little dry.

    my trusty roaches have gotten me through some tough days.

    if i roll a blunt of nugs, i usually put it out when there is still about an inch of it left past the banger. then, when said roach is to be smoked, i pull the banger out and just light that guy up. smoke the whole roach, and the cherry is never right on your fingertips. or you could just dump in a bowl.

    save the
  14. When I was younger I'd smoke a blunt down to the fingernail level so to speak, and save anything possibly left.

    Nowdays Im going to stop smoking it about 1 inch from the start, and save the roach for rough times.
  15. Hell yeah resiny weed gets you stoned as shit even with a small amount. the key is to take it out of the roach paper though, that resiny paper is harsh and disgusting to smoke. And if you hit it in a bowl your first coulple hits are gonna be straight paper because it takes a while to burn through.
  16. lol i've never heard of doing that before...

    thought it was common sense to unwrap the roach weed before you re-roll it or pack it into something...

    all that nasty roach paper would suck balls... yuck
  17. Get a screen and pack a bowl regularly, place the screen on top of the bowl (with some space if you can), pack another bowl on top. Smoke the top bowl and you are left with sticky resin-coated delicious underneath the screen. We used to have a name for it but I don't recall.
  18. i get too stoned to remember to take it out of the paper lol
  19. :smoke::smoke:its called generations of the joint.. you can roll a joint out of 4 roachs to make a 2nd gen joint, then if you get 4 2nd gen roachs, you can roll a 3rd gen... and so on and so on... so far the highest ive got was about a 4th generation joint, and holy fuck was i baked![i believe that 21 joints but im high and my math might be off!]

  20. Thats... awesome!

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