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roach weed...again

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by brian8472, Oct 19, 2003.

  1. just wondering, since all i have left of my 600+ roaches which is now only 190 should i take out all the weed and put it in a jar? or what? keep them as roaches?
  2. I wou;d keep the roaches as is, bc there's lots of resin on the paper. Just throw a couple into your bowl now and again when you're dry.
  3. HIGH All, roaches love 'em.....years ago we used to take the guts out of a bic pen and put the roach on a clip and puff away...out of a little roach you'd get lots of tokes out of it.
  4. hey i just made a lil roach clip pipe and i can get high off one roach, its awsome good idea man i put it to practice and it holds up
  5. smoke them with a roache clip that is my favorite way to do it but its my favorite way to smoke god i wish i had a joint or better yet weed and my new bubbler...
  6. i smoked the paper of the roaches and it got me high with only 5 roaches worth of paper, then i smoked the roach weed and got pretty decently stoned
  7. im gonna start smoking alot more joints and collect me some roaches...
  8. yeah just smoke the roaches the resin in them will help you get high faster
  9. they are the best to have smoke the paper, or the weed or the roach in roach form itself im not a a fiend for ganja i need it all the time the smell and the taste and the high ofcorse, so i have learned many ways to ration out the little weed i have
  10. Ya, saving roaches is great. I have a little tin that I carry around whenever I'm tokin. I just save em up till its full(around 15 roaches or so) then roll em up into a fat blunt. Smokes forever and I get really high.

    By the way, 600 roaches? Holy shit, how long did it take you to save that many?
  11. i am going to stary smoking joints and saving that many roaches... wat do you keep it in... i think one of those 5 gallon crystal springs water things would be cool... or a big glass bowl
  12. do you guys smoke the actual roach *card* or something?

    i keep roaches for when i'm dry but i only smoke whatever is left before the cardboard. the card is just so fucking harsh on my throat. i take one toke of that card and it makes my eyes water and my balls shrink.

  13. The real question is how the hell he'd not be tempted to smoke them once he got like 5 of them.

    "Roaches of Joints my good friend. Not Blunts. "

    to pipe_420^^ He's talking about the cardboard in a joint. I don't use them anymore. I just have about half an inch for my fingers and it gather resin well.
  14. i was talking about joints.

    i put a little rolled up piece of card (roach) in the end to keep the end open and stop it going soggy.

    or do you guys not put a roach in your Joints? i can understand smoking a roach if it's just paper and weed but not if it's got the card in it like i make them.

    god it's so harsh. although they are very sticky and brown with resin... hm.....

    woah. i just spaced out at my packet of rizlas for like... 15 minutes.

    what was i writing.. oh yeah.

    oh.. i'm finished.

    *sneaks off*
  15. i just counted, i have 201 left ive been smoking them all over the last 3 weeks because i have had no money for weed but when i get weed again then ill beable to save up the roaches again, took me about 6 months to save up 600+ roaches i smoke alot, thats just joints i smoke alot of pipe hits and bong his too
  16. holly shit man 600+.....crazy.....just loaded the last of my shit... gotta get some more! so blazed right now...its gonna be a bitch to find some area is dry as hell...

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