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Roach Rolling

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by weeder94, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. How tight is a good roach supposed to be. pics r appreciated
  2. lol I call a roach the end of an already smoked joint. I thought the post was about a joint rolled form leftover roaches. I thought only English people or europeans said roach for a joint, maybe i was wrong. tight enought to smoke, but not to loose that a hit uses up half the j.
  3. nah dude a tip, a filter its a rolled up piece of card some people call it a krutch
  4. Ooo I know what you mean.
    I think you can make it as tight as you want as long as you can suck in and blow out through it.??
  5. o a crutch. Yah i dont use on, i just smoke the end of a joint in my bowl.
  6. oh haha, well its really just supposed to fit, look at this:

  7. thanks man thats exactly wat i was lookin for but i couldnt find it
  8. If you are going to roll a joint or a blunt with a roach, break open the roach open and throw that in your blunt or roach.

    Don't throw it in with the other paper. (doubled paper not good.)

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