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roach question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheoryisHIGH, May 15, 2011.

  1. is it bad to use a roach made from a rolling paper packet with all the writing on it?
  2. You mean using the filter paper from the zig zag packet? Yeah it's fine. You're not burning/inhaling the ink from the filter paper. You'll be fine skipper.
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  4. meh, all the fucking pro ass joint pics i see are perfect looking smooth cones with a nice cruth in it, never really see them in real life though. i could go with or without em. honestly its not really that good, i kind of like keeping the roach to smoke when im dry along with the res, thats just me. plus people say you can smoke em all the way down so thats an advantage... but i cant imagine it being anything pleasant once you get close to the roach. and it just seems kinda stupid IMO.
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    I use a new roach in each joint... A few reasons...
    1) it collects the tar/gunk and recycling would just contaminate the next joint taste.,
    2) in the last few cm of smoking, it gets pretty shit let's be honest, so I usually make a larger roach to fill this unsmokable end spot.
    3) smoking it all down to me doesn't seem like and advantage, you still have your bud, none is wasted if you use a roach. So I'd rather use a roach and save a bit bud for the next j rather than use bud as a roach and waste my expensive well grown stuff
    Just seems logical to me, but I'm not in US so our way of doing things differs slightly I guess!

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