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Roach papers and vaped weed

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by blakeaholics, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Hi grasscity, first post!

    I've currently got a decent amount of vaped weed and old roach papers. I plan to cook with the vaped weed, but I was wondering if I could do anything with the papers? Could I soak them in alcohol or make some oil with them?

    Also how much does vaped weed usually translate to compared to regular bud?
    Here's how much I've got. The mason jar of vaped weed is filled to roughly 4oz

    So any tips? :)
  2. depending on what temp you vape and how well you vape it, it can be anywhere from half strength to 1/6 of the original strength. Rule of thumb is to use about 3 times as much compared to unvaped bud.

    i don't think you can do anything with the roach papers tough, certainly don't make oil with them, it would be beyond foul-tasting and only yield low results.

    You could give them a quick soak in a very high proof (preferably 195 proof) alcohol and hope you extract some thc in the alcohol. Once you did that you could either let the alcohol evaporate and have a small amount of hash, or you could simmer your alcohol just below the boiling point of alcohol and then use it as a tincture.

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