Roach Appreciation Thread: For those without glass.

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  1. We love roaches. Don't we? When you smoke with roaches its like, the weed may be gone, but you've still got a little THC littered buddy that you can chill with. He's loyal and friendly. And you know your little index card buddy ain't gonna stab you in the back or rip you off. But you have to show it respect. A roach is a scholars tool. And scholars such as ourselves can't be dealing with burnt fingers or ash filled throats. So little THC roach buddy, you may find yourself lying in a waste basket, in a sewer drain, in the alley behind the walmart, or even in the walmart on occasion, but sir, we solute you.
  2. Only we washtonians would think of something so creative and awesome + rep roaches are awesome and sometimes if we save em we can build em up for a small bowl!!!
  3. I love saving my roaches up till I get about 4 or 5 grams worth and sitting down with a buddy and smoking a fat roach blunt..
  4. I love Me a Blunt Roach especially Those Fat Ones:D

    That Hit's Hard,And Has You About To Cough Up Some Lungs
  5. Love collecting roaches, and rolling a roach joint, has to be one of the most hardcore things ever, and gets you very high. And not necessarily a roach joint, a roach bowl works just as well lol.
  6. I love the feeling of finding a stash of roaches when you think you're out of weed.
  7. Love fucking roaches. Ive never saved up more than a few but once i get my ounce i will for sure. My trick with roaches was to save the last one and put it in my next joint so i would get a bunch of resin covered weed in the mix, sometimes i added the paper too if it was drenched in res, but usually smoked the papers in a bong.
  8. haha generation joint...i love reusing roaches.
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    Ode to roach,
    for they are scholars unsentient.

    Ode to their fathers, creators just human,
    for every day their creations must give.

    We forge our sons from card and hard labor,
    and they learn from our losses that, -these scholars-
    must be greater.

    Stiff and yellow these children will strive,
    loyal and brave in the worst of times.

    Ode to the fallen,
    that were left behind,
    with remnant memories,
    of green spirits, green minds.

    Ode to the babies,
    that were never born
    in these glass generations,
    that attempt to adorn.

    Ode to loves lost;
    the music that will never
    be written,
    nor heard.

    The art that could have been
    shared and given.
    Creation lost in the
    masses of precision.

    Ode to roach.
    Ode to our savior.
    What little you do,
    you do for the greater.

    Times of great need
    will be eased by the knowledge,
    holy spirit bound within thee.

    Ode to their fathers,
    persistent and willed.
    Who know the importance,
    that these roaches fulfill.
  10. My favorite part of smoking a blunt, other than that first big hit, is when you get down to the roach.

    I like to take a water/Gatorade bottle that's inevitably lying around in my car, burn 2 small holes in it towards the bottom on opposite sides of each other, than stick the roach into whichever hole it fits best in. Use the other hole as a carb.

    Draw the smoke in, release your finger from the carb, inhale, be happy.
  11. gotta disagree with you guys on this one...I just don't see the appeal in a roach unless I knew it was going to be my last blunt for a while. why dwell on a roach when another blunt is on the way
  12. This is roach appreciation. Not just roach smoking appreciation. You don't have to smoke or use roaches if you don't want to. But i sure appreciate having them around. They make my life way easier.

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