ROA (Route of Administration)

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    What is your favorite way to take drugs?

    smoking, railing, and sublingually for me.
  2. where's the option for swallowing pills normally?

    smoking and swallowing for me.
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    Love everything about breaking the stuff up.

    But blowin a good line...thats some fun.

    Maybe cause smokings become so second nature. Just holding my breath (couple seconds) at random times I always expect smoke to come out.

    Sniffin still feels like doin a drug. maybe thats a bad thing

    Ahahaha "injections through other body parts". Thats for the 1 guy who shoots up using his dick
  4. smoking, snorting, drinking
  5. Smoking & Shooting are by far my two favorite routes of drug administration.
  6. Smoke and ingestion only.
    Why isn't ingestion on that list?
  7. I fucking love snorting things. I always snort rolls when I get them even though it REALLY burns. The come up wind up being like 5 minutes that way and it hits you litterally like a fucking hammer to the head.
  8. sorry about not having normal ingestion lol

    it's so basic i completely disregarded it lol.
  9. Hah yeah, when I noticed oral ingestion wasn't a choice in the poll I figured it was just because it's obviously the most common ROA for the majority of substances. If you take that into consideration as an option, then oral ingestion is right up there with smoking and shooting for me.
  10. lately my DOC has been fentanyl, and ive been putting the gel into a nasal spray bottle. a few squirts and a bowl and im blooooooooowwwnnn.

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