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  1. i just opened up my box for my RO looks comlicated to out together, but theres 3 cylinders, and im pretty sure theres supposed to be filters and membranes in it, but theres none, not even in the box, are they supposed to come with it? or do you have to buy it separately? the reason im asking is im gonna go to the hydro store tomorrow and start bitching, but i dont wanna do this if im wrong...

    this is the one i got i beleive, it looks like this and it is the brand "merlin" somthin somthin....
  2. When my RO filtration system came in a few days ago it had the RO Membrane riding by itself vacuum sealed "for freshness" and I had to put it into its plastic housing tube.

    The instruction manual for the system from your link says, "The RO Assembly includes the following components: sumps (3),
    support leg, prefilter, RO membrane elements (2), and postfilter. The
    tubing is attached to the manifold by the elbow connectors."
  3. wow....he's gonna hear an ear full of it tomorrow, i paid 650 for it as really pissed off...thx for the help man
  4. the stealth RO 100 made by hydrologic (250$) that i purchased a couple of weeks ago came with eveything already put together except for the in, out, and waste hose's.
    YOU PAID 650 DOLLARS????? is the ro you purchased ment for whole home treatment or just plants?
  5. well, i dont buy things on ebay, i buy them brand new Ca$h, i dont buy no grow equipment online.... ive seen the model i got for 400 online, but i dontbuy online

  6. 250???? wow!! Just bought one for 178....I must have found it on sale.:hello:
  7. the hydro sho had one for 150...but i got the top of the least i think i , im on my way to the hydro shop now... ill say whats up when i get back.

  8. I bought the 200 gallon per day Hydrologic, and I friggin LOVE it.

    I am probably getting close to new membranes, but Jeezis it was simple compared to that unit, and it was about 1/2 to 1/3 the price. It was literally Plug and Play, with the exception of having to get an inline pressure reducer ($35.00) before I could hook it up.

    Wowsers...sorry to say, but the guy stroked you if you aren't needing more than a couple hundred gallons a day.
  9. how long has your system been in use and how many gallons a day are you using, just trying to estimate when im goin to need a new filter set and membrane.:hello:
  10. well, i went to the hydro store, he was very nice and said that normally they do come with filters and membranes, but he was cluless why this one had none, so he told me to leave it with hium and come back on monday when he could call the company he got it from and see whats up. btw this is the exact model i got.... Merlin Garden Pro High-Flow RO System
  11. Have you tested the before and after PPM of your stealth 100? I'm interested in
    purchasing this model but have wanted to know someone elses results before pulling the trigger.
  12. yes i have, the ec of my tap water was 1.3 the pur water filter that i had been using actually brought up the ec to 1.5(i still can't figure out why), and the stealth ro brought it down to 0.0, this thing is awsome man. i built a 10$ reservoir out of a rubbermaid an on off valve , a gromet, and some 1/2 tube. i also put a airstone and a aqurium heater in it so i can get nice warm CLEAN water whenever i need. make sure that you have a hose fuacet in your house befor you buy this,make sure that that water comes out cold(ro systems require cool water. warm water will damage the membrane). and just to let you know it takes about 30 min to get a gallon of water, so if you decide to get this you decide to get this and you're growing in soil you might want to think about makeing and reservoir
  13. Stealth 200 RO system (200 gallons of Ro'd H2o per day) 278$ Amazon and is specifically made for Hydroponice and garden hose applications with all the attachments. I despise icky H2o. I would also suggest a cheap sediment filter tied in before the water enters tank or Ro system. This cheap investment increases your life of both ro sediment filter and membranes.
    GooD LucK
  14. i just started to use mine, takes about 3 hrs to fill my 120 litre resevoir and takes my ppm from 715 ppm original to 24 ppm after, but there is always water running out the drain hose, is this normal to be wasting all that water?
  15. RO conversion is usually 3 for 1.

    3 gallons in for 1 gallon of RO and 2 down the drain.
  16. sorry fellas you all got ripped off

    P U R E W A T E R C L U B

    they are like $100 there with free shipping. the only downside is they have NO CONTACT info anywhere on their site. i heard of them in a best deals thread over at riu and a few people said tey ordered from them with no issues. i just don't know crap about ro and i really need to know what's in the box and what extra items i need to install it under my sink and run a hose about 30 ft to my grow room and into a 55 gal res with a float switch.

    so how hard are these damn things to install? what tools are needed?!?!?
  17. If you can install a toilet valve/float, you can install an R/O system.

    The only thing you need to decide is the size of the tank and where to put it.

    The float valve install is a piece of cake.

    The R/O just needs a source and a drain.

    Right next to a toilet is a good place.
  18. i bought one and have all the stuff that comes in the RO 100 E-MAIL ME ZOMBIE360@HOTMAIL.COM
  19. Oh Yeah ! Normal.
    Damn, 715 PPm thats below most city standards, 450 -500 PPM from what I remember is about where my cities low water quality begins.
    I'd definitly drink bottled or filtered water only in your city.
    Best Regards,

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