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  1. Hello. Ive been preparing to start my first all organic grow using a basic soil mix provided by Rumple. I have used a ro filter for my coco grows and messed with ph and everything but my research shows organics is goong to be alot different. No ph adjustments what so ever from what I've read. So my question is there anything I need to do with the ro water? Before I would add cal mag and ph it. I wouldn't want to use straight tap water because I have well water with a softener. Any help is greatly appreciated and i hope organics turns out being as good as ive read as I cant stand flushing, balancing ph, adding expensive nutes, etc. Also can I use some left over coco with perlite for aeration? Thanks.
  2. I wouldn't recommend using ro water. I use regular ass city water and it's perfectly fine. I do let it bubble to rid of chlorine and keep it oxygenated.
  3. Can you tap into the line before the softening unit?

  4. Possibly. I know theres a valve with a spout at the bottom on the bladder tank. Not sure if I can tap in there or not. Otherwise I may look into a saddle valve to install maybe. I really didnt know ro water could be a bad thing??
  5. It's not that big of a deal if you provide mineral sources in the soil like we advocate here.
    I used a water source directly after the softener for 2 years with no issues... :hide:
  6. This.


    And the other thing. :blink:

    I have an 18gal tote just inside my basement door that I fill with a bucket from the spigot just outside the door. I have a bubble bar going in that all the time just for good measure. I've seen others that don't even do that.

    RO is a huge waste of water where organic growing is concerned.
  7. ^^^^^^ - THIS. I use well water from a 400' deep artesian well and my plants enjoy it. If you can avoid it, I'd also suggest using straight well water before it hits the water softener.

  8. Thank you for all the responses everyone. My softener has a bypass setting on the main valve. Do you think I could switch it to bypass and run the water out of the line?

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