RO problems with well water

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  1. I keep experiencing problems with my R/O and well water. The flow is almost non-existent just dribbles. It is the hydrologic R/O 100 and I have changed all the filters and still get hardly anything. I had the typical the water flows at a very strong pace until it's supposed to come out of purified water line (blue line) and its dribbles. I would assume it's the R/O cylinoid/filter but I literally just bought a new one???? And these are like $90 filters to replace so I'm getting frustrated and my reservoir is virtually empty and I need to water. I am thinking of running a small boy before it goes to the R/O. I don't know what else to do and to top off the frustration levels I've been in this house for 3 years and just now experiencing these problems. Any input or recommendations would be great.
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  2. The conversion is very slow and you need a minimum amount of pressure to make the membrane work.
    42 psi being the lowest I found.
    Recommended is 50 psi.
    You can get a pressure driven R/O pump for this.
    Aquatech Permeate Pump 1/4"

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