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  1. does anyone know if its feasable to use a reverse osmosis filtration system on a large outdoor grow? I see I can get them up to 150 gpd but how long would it take to fill 35 5 gallon buckets full of water?

  2. I`ve seen RO systems that you can hook up to a garden hose but how much you get a day all depends on the water pressure out of the line your using.

    I just use tap water right out of the hose for our outdoor grows, I dont even Ph it anymore. We grow in the ground and amend the soil with a few things and use Alaskan Fish Emulsions when feeding. Its a little low on the nitrogen so we amend that with some nitorgem chemical nutrient and also use organic molasses we get in 2.5 or 3 gallon container from a hydro store in Auburn. We got really good soil where we live in the Sacramento area that we use with some aged horse manure compost, perlite, dolomite limestone and soil from the back yard and whatever else we had for leftover indoor soil grow that sat out all winter.
  3. i like that advice.. I haven't ph'd the last two years, but this is gonna be huge so I wanted to do it right, maybe I am overthinking the situation..

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