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RMJL please read!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. Hi honey!!
  2. Hi sweetie! ;)

    Bud Head and Poppa = The Sexy Sugar Daddies

  3. Hey Bud, looks like I snaked in on your hugs and kisses from RMJL ;) I couldn't let you have all the love, could I?
  4. Damn BPP I catch'em and you reel them in. Just my luck. There is always someone waiting to snag my catch!!!! LOL

    RMJL, Hows the weather up there? I'll be making another trip soon. Maybe I can take you and your old man out to eat one night. I am only going to be there one night, so we'll have to make it on a saturday night. What do ya think??
  5. ooOooooo look they're fightin' over you now girl! ;)

  6. Naw not really fighting. We share and share alike!

    Esp if we like what we're sharing!LMAO
  7. i like sharing......want a bowl?

  8. You were busy putting sunscreen on your bald spot and the glare was blinding my eyes. I had no choice but to pass you. ;)

    And once again, RMJL, *in his deep Barry white voice* "Hey Baby" and one for you to ganja "Hey Baby, what's shaking!"
  9. OH YEAH!! well...whos got the LOVE STORY with RMJL and nubbin?!..huh?! yeah.....mmk....thats what i thought....ME!
  10. *struts around like a cocky young buck in rut*
  11. This is such a LOVEFEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Poppa, I had to crank up some Barry White just for you!!!!

    ..."I'm qualified to satisfyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you, any way you want me to!!"...

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....I am laughing too hard...I am SO singing Barry White right now!!!!! Thanks, Poppa!!!! You triggered that hysterical laughing fit I just experienced.

    Bud Head, the weather is awesomundo. It really is quite nice with the temperature around 80, a nice steady breeze and the humidity isn't kicking my ass, today. Oh, and Saturdays are cool!!!

  12. (...shhhhhhhushhhhhhh...)

  13. no...i have a post.....that is one of those ad lib thingies....and it was fun........

    ( i aint givin nothin away!)

  14. ...."Oooooooh I can't get enough of your love babe!..."

  15. YES Critter! BPP is trying to move in on my territory and I'm PISSED!!
  16. I think we should dehead Big Poppas Puss. Then we could feed him to the sharks and run them deep in the ocean! LOL

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