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RMJL hits 4000!!!!!!1

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hippie john, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. *starts dancing furiosly*[​IMG]

    *singing "4000, R - M - J - L, 4000"*[​IMG]

    Congrats on 4000 RMJL, I'm looking forward to the next 4000[​IMG]

    me, with RMJL and sensi[​IMG] (i wish)
  2. *joins in happy dance*

    :::Hands bowl to RMJL and bows:::

    Congrads my friend!!! This ones for you!!!

  3. lol....!

    well I am always up for some dancing! soooo where is that girl at?!?
    congrats! :D
  4. congrats ;D

    cant wait for post 4200, should have my new bowl then, and ya know what that means! ;)
  5. :: runs in circles :: :: then proceeds to dance teh dance ::
  6. Congrats! Thanks RMJL for keeping the place lively!
  7. :contemplates just sitting and watching all the dancing::

    nah... she'd never let me get away with it :D

    ::does the happy 4,000 post dance for RMJL NAKED!::

    this one's for you :)

  8. I am joining Critter in his dance!!

    Congrads RMJL!!

  9. :D
  10. Yay for RMJL!!!

    ::does the 4000 post dance for RMJL with no shoes on!::

    I can't do it naked for you, because my basement is very cold, but the love is there [​IMG]
  11. Bows to a Great Bladie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MISS YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. here's to 4000 more.....light's a big as bowl for ya and passes left...........Peace out......Sid
  13. WOW!

    tha "'Jil" of Rum stikes the gong at the top of the hill that says....

    LIFE BEGINS @ 4000!!!


    :::: Digit actually gets outta his seat to dance!!!::::

    :::: Digit does the jumpy 4k breakdance with jiggy bits and "hooting" noises interwoven ::::

    and again... just incase u missed the first one ....


  14. Why Digi, I've never seen you expend so much energy at once friend!! :)
  15. mind that stomach digit :)

    CONGRATS RMJL, thats a lota posting

    ::excessive posting dance with dangly bits kept under wraps, but lots whooping noises::
  16. mind that stomach""

    funny u should say that....
    i think i over did it on the dancin... feels a little akward today. oh well it was important and worth it. rumjil needs us dancin. ;)

    just dont ask me to dance again like that (i notice she's back down to 3999, a thread musta vanished.
  17. you mean that one of those mean and hateful moderators deleted my TRUE 4000th post????? Son of a bitch, man!


    Thanks for all the dancing, guys! I was just thinking that it was cool to finally chill and come to the City (yes, this is where I get sappy) and about 5 threads ago, I was already thinking about how much I love you guys and that the City was just the coolest place ever. Now, everyone's dancing...

    I hope everyone takes a break from the dancing to get severely stoned. Hmmm...let's make that an order... ;)

    Everyone get severely stoned!
  18. woot woot, 4k dance is officially on!!! Big Ups RMJL

    :) :) :)

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