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Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Bud Head, Feb 2, 2003.

  1. Where oh where is thou RMJL. I hope she has not left so she could quit for a day or two.

    Please RMJL come back, coommmeeeee baaaaaackckkkk.
  2. reform jary mane laws?


  3. oh stop yer worrying an let the girl take a pee.
    or........she could be having having chocolate fits
  4. LOL

    She could be peeing chocolate!
  5. aww im telling her
  6. Go then! Go tell, see if I care!!!!!
  7. im just SHuuure shes going to love the image of her peeing brown stuff.....
  8. I guess she'll have to get her whip out.

    I have already put on my tough ass pants!

    I hope she still has humor left!
  9. I hope she still has humor left!

    my guess is yes
    (if your mad hun its all his fault) hehe
  10. Don't be fooled sweetness. Highya got me started. I just didn't know when to shut up!!!!
  11. i did no such thing!

  12. Thats what I thought.

    You just hang me out for a whoopin!
  13. you'll love it an ya know it!
  14. I do beleive that you would want one too. I have seen inbetween your words that you like to be...............lets say..........*SPANKED*
  15. i am no longer *smilin* im so laughin....
    lol what in the world would give you that idea love?
  16. Like I said.. I seen it in between your words..

    I also can read your mind when stoned!

    I won't even go there at the moment. I know you don't want me to tell!
  17. I won't even go there at the moment. I know you don't want me to tell!

    much fun as that'd be....
    if you could REally read my mind youd see what would happen if you TRied to spank me. ;)
  18. As I said you don't EVEN want me to go there!

    I already know about the fight that would take place.
  19. *has a look of pure innocence*
  20. so................................................rmjl? :p ;)

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