Riviera Beach/West Palm Beach, FL

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  1. Hey 24 year old Temple student visiting the area, I am currently staying in a condo in Riviera Beach, I've been on the hunt but the only people around are older rich folks who would look at me like I have 10 heads if I even brought up the subject. There are no head shops near me and I have no car. Im just lookin for someone who lives around this area that could maybe show me where the gardens at. Someone who lives around here please give me some direction, feel free to PM me. I've just been drinkin Bud Platinum and chain smokin ciggs so I'll be around all night. I'll be here til at least the 3rd. Thanks - Z
  2. sure I'll come right over, I'm totally not a serial killer necrophiliac, so you can trust me.
  3. haha i aint scared of no killers. Im from Philly, I know how to handle mines. Im just a college student tryin to get on another level mang. One.
  4. well, one, mang, peace homie G thug......what you are asking for is essentially against the rules, and not exactly what this forum is meant for.

    that being said, its 2012, weed is NOT hard to find.
  5. ..did you need to ethnicify your response....just wondering I see ppl do this on here when trying to be cool...

    I am of the slang you are using..not trying to out you or nothing simple question...
  6. Cant ask for hookups mr officer
  7. go outside and find the guy with dreads and bob marley shirt.

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