river bank.

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  1. i was just wondering if it was a good idea to plant on a riverbank. sounds good to me.
  2. yea sounds good unless it might flood
  3. Itll be constantly damp and mj plants dont like that.
  4. Totally agree. MJ should be moist but not waterlogged.
  5. the ground needs to dry out inbetween waterings

  6. I never let my ladies get TOTALLY dry.
    Perhaps it is my hot climate, but if I do not water every 24 they start to wilt by 36.
    The only plants that I allow to dry out totally are xerophytes like cacti.
  7. you should try it a greenhouse stop it getting flooded
  8. Why a greenhouse???
  9. I know this guy, he has this crazy ass story, I do not know if it is true but where this dude lived the river had gone way down and he planted them upside down under the edge of the river, he said you could not see them and is was a sick ass place to grow, but that was a second hand story from a third rate guy so I guess you can make your own choice on if you believe that. JOE>
  10. Don´t believe that for a moment. Plants are sensitive to the force of gravity and do grow upwards - it is called geotropism.
  11. the ground needs to dry to allow oxygen to the roots wet ground doesnt allow this to happen.

    i also water every 24 hours but inbetween waterings the ground dries out.

  12. I said moist, not wet.
    I water every day, as I said.
    You grow in the ground, fisher, and I bet the roots of yours never dry out totally, even if the top layer is dust dry. I never let any annual plants totally dry out, including things like tomatoes. They are always kept moist, but never waterlogged. They grow so fast and seem to transpire a lot of water.

    Anway, water will dissolve 3 times its volume of oxygen at STP - like roots, fish die without oxygen.
  13. yes agreed, the ground will not dry out completly below the surface, but still the roots are given time to breath. water does hold oxygen yes but air holds a lot more, and 3 times its volume in water? surely that would make foam?

    anyway, to the thread host. point is, next to a river isnt the best place
  14. Totally agree with that, a river bank is not a good place.
  15. No, dissolved gases are not visible while they are still dissolved. Lemonade is quite clear while the bottle is sealed. Undo the cap, release the pressure, and the dissolved CO2 comes out of solution, forming bubbles and a foam on the top.
    Ammonia is tops, water can dissolve 1200 times its own volume of ammonia at STP.
  16. i have a habit of learning something new everyday!
  17. When I was a kid I used to read encyclopaedias. Sad nerd.
  18. but it pays of right :) what we do here without ya ?
  19. Umm Wrong Plants will indeed grow upside down. Now maybe Not MJ plants but some will.
    maybe not as well as right side up but they will grow towards the light.


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