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rituals when taking a hit

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Deleted member 184025, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. personally, i always have to pop on a song when ripping the bong. you guys ever got that ritual going?
  2. I always have music playing. We'd also have a hookah running at the same time but that hasn't happened in a while.
  3. music and always need a drink.

    i usually have a plan in mind of what im going to be doing to enjoy my high.
  4. I have a bit of a ritual that might be more of an obsession. Before i can head out after smoking or vaping I have to check my room about 5 times to make sure there isnt a scrap of evidence that ive done anything "wrong." I know this doesnt technically fit the thread but i thought it would be relevant. Im pretty used to this obsession by now because it bleeds through when im not high too. Just a little quirk i guess
  5. I always have music on when I'm blazing.
    Cause often my family is out in the room next to me, and I don't want them to hear.
  6. I always try and find the perfect song to get high to on my iPod before lighting up. [ame=""]Deltron 3030- Love Story[/ame] has been my song of choice lately:D
  7. i think the music thing goes for most stoners...kind of a hand-in-hand deal. i know i've gotta have a cold drink with me cuz the higher i get, the more likely i am to get too happy with 3PO (my pipe) and puff too quickly...scorching my lungs. it happens occasionally. another ritual of mine is that i have to have a movie on with CGI characters in it. like Transformers or The Incredible Hulk. the higher i am, the realer the CGI looks and it's just kind of a mindfuck i guess.
  8. Usually love to put on a good song. Usually when I get done with class or work and I get back home I pack my chillum up, but on a song that I really want to hear, and then just lay in my sofa for the duration of the song. Kinda that "I'm done with work today" feeling that I want to celebrate.

    Another thing kind of funky, whenever me and a certain friend ever decide to smoke weed hookah, we always get bubble mix out so we can blow huge smoke bubbles, haha.
  9. Music and arizona iced tea if were not drinking :]
  10. I usually just start up an album that I want to listen to and start blazing.
  11. Takin bong rips on the shitter is a tradition of mine. My buddy and I always finish off a long night of tokin with Planet Earth or Lemony Snicket <=== that shit gets me everytime man.
  12. I always dedicate my first hit of the bowl to something/someone

    good suggestions are:
    bob marley
    my cousin
    my first dealer (dude was totally tight)

    think of some of your own and make a ritual
  13. No rituals here. It's just a plant, not a religious sacrament.
  14. #14 greenbliss, Jun 8, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 8, 2009

    What you said is hilarious (in a good way) when you are high. Also because I agree, i mean what are you supposed to do ? Go in a circle around the bowl, and just like bow to it or something? My ritual consits simply of taking the lighter to the bowl and inhaling.
  15. I pour a little weed out on the curb for my fallen homies who aren't here to toke with me.

    No, I just light that shit. I don't want to obligate myself.. I guess I do things I don't really think about, out of habit, but nothing I plan. Guess the closest thing I have to a ritual is giving my lighter the stink eye when I burn myself.
  16. Sometimes, if I remember, I'll say 'blast off' before lighting a joint.

    Gotta love Pineapple Express.
  17. Nope.

    For me, turning on the music is something I do after I smoke, because I like to be quiet when I'm smoking. I don't have any sort of ritual.
  18. I don't think it's considered a ritual, but in January i bought a pipe in Tulum (mexico, down by south america) from this mayan guy on the street. It's made from monkey's bones and is handcarved with a skeleton of a monkey laying in the fetal position. When i bought it the dude said that the pipe would bring me good luck whenever i smoked from it, so now i rarely smoke out of it unless i feel i need a little luck...
  19. this is kinda weird but I like to be barefoot as much as possible when i take my hits
  20. as to being barefoot while taking hits I also do that sometimes when I am not in my usual spot (in a wash)

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