Discussion in 'General' started by PotSmoke1769, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. has any one ever tried snorting add pills?? i just got a subscription and i dont think i need it so i wanna blow a few. i heard some where that you can but i want your input.
  2. prestription. sorry im out of it.
  3. eh...snorting is gross, I would just pop em if I were you...but what do you mean you don't think you need it? Why did you get them...just to OD?
  4. i went to the psychaitrist and he said that i need em to concentrait in school.
  5. Did you tell him you didn't want them?
  6. i dunno man. chill out. my mom wants me to take em and i dont mind at all. now i have an abundant resource of add pills incase i ever need them for any thing.
  7. lol. my bad, i was a little burnt. Anyways, snorting can fuck up your nose, and erode the separator between the two nostrils, not cool. I would just pop them, just my personal thoughts, peace
  8. i had some real strong ritalins, i snorted a few it was nice if u smoke after it, u could pop them also but painkillers are nicer to pop
  9. Is it just me, or are doctors more eager to write you a perscription than to fix the problem?
  10. Yeah that's what I was gettin at
  11. Ok, let me tell you something. If your doctor is right and you really need them, they will do nothing for you. They will only do what they are supposed to do.

    Using Ritalin recreationally works only for people who don't need it medically.

    I have done it on numerous occasions, and it's a tie with DXM for my second favorite drug. And yes, it's way cooler if you smoke too.
  12. "Ok, let me tell you something. If your doctor is right and you really need them, they will do nothing for you. They will only do what they are supposed to do."

    if you take them daily for a month or more and then abruptly stop you will forget what life is like when your "hyperactive" because your so used to being on stimulants. so when you stop takin the pills and smoke a few bowls you have a sick tweeker high and you notice crazy shit.
  13. ritalin(methylphenidate) is basically a close relative to speed...in minute amounts (as are prescribed to children w/ ADD/ADHD) they have the opposite effect of speed, they slow a hyperactive kid down, let him concentrate etc. but when used in more than minute amounts its like speed...on the contrary a kid with ADD can surely feel the effects as long as he uses ritalin recreationally (i.e. crush up the pill..destrroy the time release mechanism...snort it so youre bloodstream gets all 10mgs at ONCE rather than a few every once in a hile melting away in your stomach)..

    but it does have a strong addcition potential...more mental cravings than physical, although ritalin can lead to adderall which can lead to benzies or dexies or meth itself...be careful and limit your use...the tolerance buildup is extraordinary

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