Discussion in 'General' started by WaNnA-PuFF-AlOt, May 4, 2003.

  1. last nigt my brother and his friends took 16 ritalin each and they gave me 5 earlier this morning, i was wondering when and how should i do them, im not gonna snort them, would it be better to use top get ed up or to help when im studyin for a final
  2. Hey man. My first post.

    Ritalin is a very fun substance iff used correctly. My first time I took it I aced all my tests for the day, and im getting D+ so that wasnt bad

    Another time was when I was studying for midterms. This is by far the way to go. Break out your study stuff, put on some floyd reallly low so you can concentrate, and wait for your come up to start sudying

    Youll feel short of breath, sweaty, bouncy and many other things. Just be sure to have some snacks for the study

    Good luck dude

  3. simple enough.

    16? wtf. not a smart cookie.

    ritalin can be fun..like KOB said. RESEARCH IT. especially if it is your first time.
  4. I am taking adderall (same thing as ritalin except it has a more gradual release rate) on perscription. Well, at least i was. I stopped because it made me anti-social. I focused insanely hard on my homework. I begged for homework. I loved it. But this was without abuse. I havent abused it yet because it could easily cause you to have a heart attack (increases blood pressure). You also dont eat ANYTHING when you are on this drug. As for the guys that took 16 Ritalin: thats extremely dangerous!!
    Stick with weed and shrooms man.
  5. i too pop adderall for midterms and finals
    i definatly dont abuse it, one 30 mg pill and water. 16 is crazy, and he's lucky to not be dead. I could never imagine haveing a perscription for that stuff, My friend is prescribed 2 30s a day, that would kill me, id never stop studying. needless to say he only takes it for papers and finals and such...
  6. damn im on it now
    fuck calc fuck calc fuck calc
    (am i allowed to say that?)

    calculus exam tomorrow morning

    i really like this drug
  7. ive never done ritalin!!!its kewl that u can get it for free!
  8. Ritalin is hands-down my favorite legal drug. I wouldn't have taken 16, but hey, whatever. Usually I would snort 100mg lines, about 5 at a time. I don't take pills, so I snorted instead. Must warn you tho, this stuff can keep you awake for days, if you're not careful. Also, if you decide to snort it, the drip is nasty! But, worth it, I think.

    It's also fun with weed....kinda makes you mellow and wired at the same time. It's fun trying to sort out the sensations :D
  9. I had a cal 2 exam this morning and was wishing I had some ritalin last night.
  10. 16 Ritalin? Oh my dear God, they're not going to sleep for a fucking week! But anyways, I've eaten Ritalin but it never really did anything until I snorted it. It's a pretty fun buzz, but like with all prescriptions, be careful.
  11. oh my oh my.

    its crazyness.

    does everyone now think this stuff is safe because it was handed out to pre-teens like candy?

    each to their own like.. but you know... knowledge is power and all that.

    the power to stay alive and have more than a small cotton bud of mush for a brain at the age of 50. having experienced what addiction do a legal substance that has no age limit and is generally not considered a drug has done to my health i realise the dangers of messing around with such things.

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