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Ritalin (Methylin) 20mg Pills question

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by smokemadblunts, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. I am adhd and am prescribed to Ritalin (Methylin, or so says the pill bottle). I know that when I take too many I get really really calm. I took too many at a DECA conference and laid in bed for 2 hours while people were running around in my room, I just could not move. Another time I took 3 pills with a can of beer than smoked 3 blunts and I will never forget that night. I went to my friends party after doing this and drank a beer or two and after that I was couch locked for a few hours.

    That is what happens to me but my friends often ask me what will happen if they take them alone or before or after smoking weed? The pills, like the title says are 20mg each, can they in any way hurt them or just fuck them up and to what extent?
  2. blow 'em....we did in high school....a lot. the white 10's were straight, i forget what they said on them fuck.

    but some are coated and/or mixed w/ bs.

    eating them should focus you and a bit of energy if sufficient dose. calmness isn't a bad thing.

    DECA like business group thing in school?
  3. I hate Ritalin, ive been taking it on and off for the past couple weeks and its like a shitty caffiene buzz. its not euphoric at all, and you just kinda feel tweaky and jittery. ive doses all the way to 60mg. and the crash is pretty shitty.

    adderal is the much better alternative.
  4. Yea, DECA its a requirement for my Marketing Class in High School. Does it burn when you blow them? and how much should I or one of my friends do?
  5. the first few times, yeah it burns a bit. i usually do anywhere from 20-40mg then smoke a bowl
  6. I love ritalin, i'd personally would like to be prescribed ritalin than adderal..well it'll make them more focused, gain some pep :D goodstuff

    1000th post! :hello:
  7. yeah it does burn a little bit, but not in a bad way. it somewhat taste good. I have started with doses of 40-60mg but lately have been doing between 80-100mg doses. Although i havent taken any in a couple days since I dont get a refill for 3 more weeks.
  8. Dexi nails it way harder!
  9. Ritalin has a wide variety of effects on its users. When I swallow a dose of 20mg methylphenidate my breathing becomes much calmer, I feel energetic and my senses seem more alert. Everything thing I read makes more sense, I can understand and better relate to what people are saying to me. I feel more confident.
    Ritalin can be a weak stimulant in low doses. When adults take higher doses it's known to give warm and euphoric feelings similar to the effects of cocaine, but longer lasting and with less of a comedown.
  10. mannnn i love this...the dr. put me on it for adult adhd and i just started snorting it...unbelievable.....i usually take klonopin to come down...and ambien to sleep....i love my dr....so great...what does blowing it mean?

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