Ritalin and Adderall Together?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Bottle11, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Safe combination?
  2. theres no real reason to combine. just take the adderall. so much better than ritalin imo.
  3. uppers and uppers dont really mix well
  4. they aren't even the same chemical so the highs may be different and fuck with you a little but don't take my word for it.
  5. man, its weird, its like harder on you, but its got more 'torque' than 'speed' :confused:

    i've done it a couple of times, honestly it was a waste...but always becareful
  6. I really disagree, adderall and coke go great together.
  7. i had a script for concerta in the am and adderall ir for afternoon (hated the combo, more importantly i just hate the ritalin family. maybe try them alone , then see how you react to them. coffee can be a nice boost added ...
  8. anyone who doesn't have ADD, ADHD, anxiety, or obesity shouldn't do adderall. its pretty much the cheap ass version of meth. it has about two or three different amphetamines in it and is hella addictive if you don't need it.
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    Dude shut the fuck up, seriously.

    1) d-amphetamine doesn't show neurotoxicity that meth and MDMA do.
    2) Those drugs have either have d-, l-, or racemic amphetamine, which is a totally different drug than meth; Or in few rare cases methamphetamine in small, clinically safe doses, and is also pharmaceutical grade, not street quality.
    3) Any drug is addictive if constantly abused. Use your shit responsibly.
  10. Pffft.
    yes they do.

    Meth and coke.

    Amp and coke.

  11. To the OP, why would you want to ruin a beautiful amphetamine buzz with dirty ass ritalin? That's like combining the better version of a drug with a worse version; makes no sense.

    Nobody who uses it is going to take you seriously and stop using, so why even bother?
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    ^^^^rocket science^^^^^ Geesh, get a life! PSS. add adhd narcolepsy and depression are the many uses. facts are it will only heighten anxiety and after 3 weeks or so of use ,your body will start adgustmenting its weight. Any hopes of losing will be shortened, in MOST cases. .... I'm not an expert...
  13. I don't see why not...

    my adderall dealer gets prescribed 30mg XR's of adderall and 5mg of Ritalin daily so atleast one doctor in this world thinks it's safe.

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