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Discussion in 'General' started by Stoooooner, May 17, 2006.

  1. Okay, well I got 5 15mg time-release ritalin pills today from a girl who was done with finals and had them leftover. I have one more final tomorrow so I'll probably take one or two here in a little bit and try to study. Tomorrow I'm thinking about railing one or two...fun? Dangerous? Anyone have any experience with this? Or any tips at all for using these? Thanks blades
  2. If your snorting XR's, be sure to remove all of the plastic when crushing. IMHO, I like snorting amphetamines better than popping because I can actually eat and sleep.
  3. Well what a coincidence, today was my adderall experiment. Today I ate 20mg and insufflated 5mg. Keep in mind that those timerealease pills (XR), if eaten, last for a really long time, like 12 hours, so if you take one in the late afternoon or later, chances are you wont get any sleep that night, which would suck if your finals are the day after.
    I must say it was more enjoyable insufflating the 5 mg than eating the 20mg, and ill probably snort what i have left when i decide to take it. The XR's are harder to insufflate because the ingredients are encased in all those tiny little plastic balls in the pill. DO NOT SNORT THE BALLS. You need to crush them up before hand and break all of em.IDK if you need to pick out the casings or not.
    The best way to crush them up is to take a sheet of wax paper, fold it over the contents of the pill, and roll a lighter or a rounded peice of plastic over them.
    If u have more questions im glad to help.
  4. yeah there are a bunch of tiny little balls when you open up a capsule. If I crush these all up thouroughly is it safe to snort?
  5. Yes - Just make sure your not snorting plastic.

  6. That's a shitload of plastic you have to pick out tho...
  7. yeah they're just teeny little white balls, I'm not really sure what to do. Oh well, after my final tomorrow I can do all the drugs I want, I need to wait until then anyways.

    We're rolling a kief joint tomorrow night to celebrate the end of finals :D
  8. Never said it was an easy task, but it's possible. Tabs > XR anyday, though.

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