Risky sessions?

Discussion in 'General' started by MaxAmmo, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Do you blades seek adventerous sessions?

    My friends and I as youngsters smoked in restrooms of random business, office, church, etc.

    What adventures have you experienced? Did you get caught? Did you use preventative methods to not get caught?

    Let's hear em!
  2. I tried to avoid stupid situations that could end in arrest when I was younger

    My friends loved smoking in the dumbest locations...maybe that's why they all have marijuana related charges and I don't
  3. Funny I also do stupid shit but also have zero cannabis tickets.

    Some people just don't know how to have fun.

  4. its people like ur friend that are adding stigma to potsmoking as an anti-social behaviour
  5. Haha if you say so.

    Were very social, we just also like risky sessions, doesn't harm anyone.
  6. Adventurous yes, risky no
  7. A couple years ago I was in a poly sci class at my downtown campus, and class wasn't going any faster and I had just picked up some chron from a connect earlier, pulled out the dubble bubbles packed a fatty and passed the pipe to these two hot blondes sitting next to me one of the two had a fake sexy ass rack which was solid as fuck you'll see why later. This was in a class of about 30 who all apparently fucking smoked.

    TA wasn't in the room, an I had already hid my 8 zips of bud behind this huge furnace in my backpack to cover the smell, and blew straight down to the ground while smoking the bubs with them. It smelled like chronic and other people were trying to get me to pass it to them...but I wasn't talking about smoking up the damn class. :bolt:

    This dude saw me smoking in class and I ended up selling a QP to him apparently he was some girls boyfriend idk anyway he was "chill" and visiting his girlfriend on campus so we walked to a bank and picked up a solid customer, also turned the fine blonde into a slampiece for a solid month, then I had to switch shit up.

    A1 pussy dawg shit was live real talk.
  8. Does blazing across from the cop shop count as risky?
  9. I love smoking around people in public. Like openly smoking at the county fair, no one ever seems to notice/care

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