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Risks for a small MMJ provider...

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by JCrohn, May 30, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, I am a MMJ patient in Washington state and I was wondering how much trouble someone could get in if there were a MMJ provider...and by that i mean grow plants....lets say we grow 12 plants and get a yield of 2-3 a medical patient, SWIM would probably only need about a pound for SWIM.

    I would like to use the other product to supply other MMJ patients as well, what (if any) would be the trouble SWIM could get in?

    if this falls under the "no dealing" rule that's fine with me.

    Should SWIM consider contacting an attorney to ask them a question like this? If so, could someone PM me a good potfriendly and potknowledgable attorney's name?
  2. currently i purchase through providers, and they usually have a set price per this "legal" as im purchasing it off of them?

    I would love some good clarification on this. :)
  3. well its legal for them to have it if they are MMJ and its legal for you to have it if you are MMJ so yes.
  4. I don't really know how it works in Washington, but in Colorado (and everywhere else from what I've heard/read) you must be a caregiver in order to supply MJ to patients. Only caregivers are allowed to supply weed to anybody.

    That's as simple as filling out a form that says they are assigning you as their caregiver, making a copy of the patients ID, and faxing it to the MMJ office.

    If you are caught supplying other people with weed that are not your patients, especially that you grew yourself, you are at risk of having your card revoked. I'm not sure if it would be criminal, but I don't think that the state would waste resources on that.

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