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Risk smoking in my room?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Platypus313, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. So my parents are out of town until Tuesday.
    My brother is home from school too though.
    But I really want to just chill in my room and smoke a bowl.
    If I burn incense, put a towel under the door, open the window and use a sploof do you think I will be ok.

    I have no idea if my bro is ok with weed.
  2. i think what you should do is forget about all those things, they take away from the experience making it a challenge to smoke. what you need to do is kick back and enjoy that bowl. if your brother smells it who knows maybe he'll come in and you two can smoke some killer bud out of his illadelph. or in the event that he's not cool with it respect him and then you'll have to go outside or a friends house. and as for your parents smelling it when they get back on tuesday. if your gonna be smoking in there all weekend it might still be stinkin. but if you only blaze a few times with the window open just spray some febreeze and your good to go
  3. I wouldn't even burn incense. It will draw too much attention to your room. Just exhale out the window and you should be fine.
  4. open the window and blow the smoke out. if you have a fan, get it going for a couple minutes and you're all gooood
  5. I burn all the time in my room, just get a large fan and point it out your window then smoke right next to the fan. I do it with my parents in the other room, and I have never been caught. If you want to take extra precautions but a towel under the door and spray some AXE or Febreeze after your done.
  6. Just blow the smoke out the window and you will be fine, I take daily bong rips in my room with my parents home and all I do is blow the smoke out the window and smell is not an issue.
  7. Haha that would be so chill if he came in looking all pissed and said "why the fuck didn't you offer me any?"
    Alright thanks guys
  8. 1. Get a toilet paper roll and fill it with laundry sheets (the ones that smell good) and blow through there
    2. Dont put a towel under the door then open the window, if the windows is open blocking the air from the door will slow down the circulation unless you have a fan
    3. Blow out the window
  9. Thats a little over-precaucious, i managed to smoke joints at night all the time out my window back in the day, and that was when my parents were in... just lean out your window and put the curtain behind you, spray some deodrant, leave a couple windows open and its gone by the morning.

    Just a bowl and your parents are out? No problem, if your pranging about the smell eat a hot meal in your room or something, don't burn any incense its bate as fuck.

    Good luck have fun high
  10. You'll be fine. I smoked in my dorm room where RAs were always walking around and there were a couple things that I did that prevented me from getting caught.

    -Corner your bowls-dont torch that shit, any smoke that isnt inhaled is going to smell (this part is key)
    -Use a Spoof/sploof like you said
    -Damp towel next to the door
    -Use a fan and have it blowing away from the door
    -Open a window
    -Have an air neutralizer (Ozium is the best, Neutrair is pretty good too)

    If your parents arent home and your brother doesnt know much about bud you probably dont need to do all of these things. But this is what I did for an entire year, smoking every day, sometimes several times a day in college without getting in trouble. The RAs caught another person in my hall and probably 10 people in my dorm total. So it does work.
  11. As others have said: open your windows, blow smoke outside the window, shove a towel under your door and get a fan going and enjoy that shit :D You could also use spray deodrant to cover the smell instead of an air freshener or whatever as it'd be less suspect...
  12. just hold your hits in till no smoke comes out, and dont let your bowl stay lit
  13. I've noticed if you burn some dank rather than some regs the smell usually goes away pretty quick; at least over night. But yeah I would follow the advice given before me as well just to make sure ;)
  14. Yea dude, talk to your brother maybe if he says anything but it will be fine, smell goes away really quickly...Just smoke then spray a bunch of Febreeze or some shit to cover it up, it airs out in like 30 minutes lol.
  15. As long as your brother isn't stuck up and strict, I'd say just open a window and use a sploof. I've done that many times before, even with my entire family still awake in the house. They never found out. Just febreeze the room and brush your teeth after. :]
  16. Don't burn an incense that is retarded that show's your covering up something. Don't put a towel under your door.

    You guys are making this a bigger deal than it is.

    Put a fan in your window and sit by it while you smoke. The smell will be gone in 15 minutes, but leave the fan on for an hour or so just in case.

    I always smoke in my basement bathroom and it has a small fan in the ceiling, I smoke a bowl in there with the fan on.. I leave it on for 20 minutes or so to let the smell fully dissipate.

    Then I turn it off so it looks like nobody was ever in there.

    After the smell is out you can 86 the fans so it doesnt look like your trying to hide anything.

    Pro Stealth smoker.
  17. here is the best tip in the world to kill the smell on pot. a guy already sggested this, but use a tuubie (a paper towel tube with laundry sheets in it). then after your sesh, smoke a cigarette or cigar. ive smoked in my house forever, both my parents smoke, and so do i. they dont smell a thing. once my bro even came downstairs when i was having my post-sesh cigarette and he didnt suspect a thing.

    if your not into smoking cigarettes then febreeze works wonders as well.

    the tubbie really works good, plus wjhen ur high you can draw sweet shit on it ;)
  18. Really easy to do.

    1.use towel like you said to prevent smell from moving around outside of your room, not to mention LOCK IT.
    2.Have windows open and a fan pointing out, so you can flow out all of the air and smell in your room outside, and blow out the window.
    3.Always have something you can use to cover up the smell while your room is being ventilated, like axe or febreze.
    4.Dont sit on a couch or your bed while doing it, the smell will stick to it.
    5.Take a shower, the smell will also be stick in your hair, you may not be able to smell it, but your brothers will.
  19. ya juts towel the door turn on a fan and open the window. no point in a sploof.. it will air out by tuesday most likely. Have fun tho. Also My parents were gone for like 2 nights one time and me my brother and my sis threw a HUGE house party where everyone was smoking cigs and weed in the house. we opened all the windows the next day, put fans all through the house, sprayed the place with lysol and febreeze and when they came home it didnt smell at all. so go for it and have a god time just remember when your done keep the window open and the fan going for a couple hours, after that spray everything with febreeze even the fabric and stuff.
  20. I smoke in my room all the time, but the only thing i do to hide the smell is exhale out of the window. With bongs and pipes the smell doesn't really leave the room, but with a joint or blunt it can get bad. Also don't put a towel under your door if its daylight, or early in the night. The towel blocks the light under the door and some people notice that shit. If its early in the night someone might wonder why your lights are off.

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