Risk of ordering seeds online?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by paranoid333, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. I live in a state where it's LEGAL to possess marijuana, but ILLEGAL to purchase, making it almost impossible to obtain legally at the moment for me. I'm looking at buying seeds online. I don't have a means of sending seeds to another address or using different payment method.

    So if it's legal to possess marijuana, is there any risk in actually buying seeds and having them sent to my growing location?
  2. You worry too much.
    Check out Growers Choice (I just bought some but haven't tried the seeds yet) if you want seeds sent to any state in the US within a few days.
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  3. Herbies or Nirvana. Purchased from both no issues. I live in the southeastern part of US.
  4. yeah i tried two websites, one that you mentioned but they decline my cards. IS that something new?
  5. For over seas purchases, you may have to contact the bank and let them know that you are making an over seas purchase and to have the block removed.
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  6. Been buying seeds online for years. Use a reputable seedbank listed on grasscitym use steal shipping .

    Weed is shipped thru the u.s in all sorts of directions it's a different time. I think either something will happen or it will become legal federally . Who knows . I just know weed is shipped all over the states with no issues.
  7. Go on instagram and look up vendors, way better, all within the US, and faster/more reliable than European vendors
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  8. So can anyone point me towards a seed bank that has genetics I can trust or name some breeders i should look for also maybe a seed bank that specializes in non feminized seeds I don't want fem seeds or autos thanks in advance for any help thank you all
  9. I thought you didn't want fem seeds. Bodhi and Greenpoint only have regulers
  10. Not me ...... I don't want a male plant within 50 miles of my place.........
    Think you are thinking of the op, I just jumped in on this thread.
    I decided to take a road trip to go buy seed.
    I found the strain I am looking for, its 648 miles one way .
    Lest that is the plan now.
  11. I grow a lot of feminized what strains or breeder are you looking for?
  12. I just got a order from Growers Choice and I was able to use my VISA. I live on east coast of US and received order in 6 days
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  13. I just got a order from Growers Choice and I was able to use my VISA. I live on east coast of US and received order in 6 days
  14. I too was seriously concerned and had never purchased seeds online. After much research and debate i took a gamble with True North expecting to be ripped off like horror stores in reviews .
    Seeds showed up fri in the mail , no customs tampering . Exactly what i ordered and in timely manner. Even accepted visa so wasnt doing bank transfer or sending cash...live in southern u.s.
  15. Amnesia Haze is my dream strain

    I made strain hunting trip to Oregon .

    Brought back 2 gorilla glue plants , sure they are auto flower
    tragic Ice Humbolt and purple skywalker , kushy kush cannazilla , blue dream seeds
    one green crack clones .one blue dragon clone .

    And about 1000 random seeds from a brother there.

    Ran across a guy who sales seeds and clones in Oregon .
    I just got my first seed order in from this known grower there in ore .
    he has web site and is on face book , he said I can give his infor out to who ever wants it .

    I am going to get myself up to what I am legally aloud as in 12 plants with the plants/seed I have .
    Will be ordering in some Amnesia Haze from royal seed in a few days .

    I hope it clears customs ,,
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  16. Started first indoor grow this year with clones , blue dream . Got exodus cheese , white widow amd deathstar beans lined up when these clear.

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