Risk of getting deadly mushrooms?

Discussion in 'General' started by syntax13, May 2, 2006.

  1. Whats the risk of someone getting the wrong shrooms, does it happen often, etc, etc..?
  2. i wouldn't think so.

    unless you know the guy isn't a dealer and just "randomly" came across some shrooms.

    if anything, check out some of the threads with shroom pics in then and look at the shrooms you get.

    and kick ass bill hicks quote.
    don't know who bill hicks is, but that quote it awesome.
  3. ive never heard of it happening....emagdnim13 go look up Bill Hicks and buy some of his CDs.
  4. I know one guy who ate a 8th of bad mushies. He wound up in the hospital for a few days.
  5. i could see it easily happening, especially since alot of people just go pick mushrooms, i dont see it bein to far fetched that someone picked the wrong kind thinking it was right, whether they'd be deadly or not is somethin else, though poisonous is likely
  6. some people here go shroom pickin in the cow farms..I'de never eat shrooms i picked though
  7. A really really good friend of mine use to thizz and shroom all the time and she's from san diego. Well she doesn't anymore and she is scared to death of shrooms because one day (she already had done them a lot of times along with the friend she was doing them with by the way) her and her friend both popped an 8th well her friend I guess had a really bad trip and she passed out and just never woke up, fucking caused her hella stress. So there is a very slim chance but the girl prolly was thinking about the wrong shit while they were kicking in and caused a bad trip i don't know. But yeah it's a probability i've done them before and i didn't have a bad trip but who knows....:(

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