Rise up Regs, this is our thread!

Discussion in 'General' started by foxracing500r, Sep 24, 2009.

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    Ok, I havent been active in the city much anymore, and TBH, its been because I dont see my friendly faces. I see post after post of newbie shit.

    "How do I do this?", "What is the best...?" etc.

    Not complaining on helping new smokers, but there is a designated forum for that.

    This is the regular, thread. Everyone, come out the woodworks, put down the pipe, and lets BS about the shit we used to.

    Come on guys.
  2. This site is for everyone!

    I understand where you are coming from but that is how the city is now. Growth brings change.

    I personally have been more active lately but not like I used to.

    I need to blow up this Kush..... :smoking:
  3. I feel you 100% man. I know this site is for everyone. But it seems most of the regulars have faded into the shadows.
  4. Not the shadows, they faded into the paying members zone
  5. is that where everyone went? i've been meaning to make a donation, payday is mananaaaa
  6. We all know I love the city, but making a donation with the way things are, is impossible.

    I just had my hood go up at 70mph, shatter my windshield, and knock me in the head. Scary shit.
  7. Still here cousin..
  8. Thanks, thanks a lot for not including me


  9. Thats crazy dude.

    My friend had that happen to him a few times.... I laugh about it now. Anyway I'm headed over to his house now to put this kush in the air.
  10. How is babby formed?
    hahahaha Ok, over it.
  12. My windshield did that a couple months ago. Screwed alot of stuff up. Do anything to the top. Dented mine in. Gotta pop that out.
  13. I see all those people post on a daily basis...
  14. There is a "chatterbox" section in Nirvana with about 1680 pages (as of right now), 5 bucks is the going rate I think- lol :)
  15. I think it's $10 now. That is where it's at. I pretty much live in that thread exclusively. lol
  16. :( at least you still visit the group
  17. Of course!!! I love you guys. :love:
  18. I'm lost as to whats going on.
    I think its about time i make a donation.

  19. Well dick to you for not including me, mother fucker! :D ;)

    Yeah I aint been on too much lately either yo, been mad busy with lifes many woes.

  20. Yeah OP, where's the love? hater. :devious:

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