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    Anyone play this game? I've had it for a few years and get into it everyone and awhile. Its just fun to fuck around with I guess. I know you can play online but I never have. And I dont have the expansion but I do want it. Anyone else got this game??
  2. I remember reading a PC Gamer Issue dedicated to that game's release way back when.

    Never quite got into it, but they have it at Target for $7.00, so perhaps I'll give it a shot. I can run it on pretty much any PC in my house, so I'm not that worried about it.

  3. Shit if its $7 you should get it. Theres alot of diffrent game modes and ways to play. Let me know what you think. Im actually downloading the expansion torrent right now
  4. played it and enjoyed it.

    the first age where you could build planes was the best imo

    durchii you should get it
  5. Yeah the industrial age is what youre talking about, I think. In most game modes I let technology stop at the industrial or whatever is after that. Rarely go into the modern age
  6. age of mythology was good too
    lots of good old rts games need to be remade
  7. rise of nations is pretty cool.
  8. Does anyone have the expansion for this game? It's called thrones and patriots
  9. Best RTS ever spawned on the face of the Earth.
  10. know any place where i can buy/download online i burnt my dvd/cd thing and dont feel like fixing it
  11. Torrentz?
  12. Recently acquired the expansion Thrones and Patriots and its pretty bad ass so far. There aren't any new games types but theres a new building or two and 4-5 new nations. It spices the game up a little bit atleast.
  13. Rise of Legends is decent too. I've had my share of enjoyment out of both.

    Great way to kill time - something i don't have now.

  14. samash ive been looking for a torrent cant find one can you pm me a link idk how to use torrents either haha
  15. How similar is this to Rise of Nations?? I haven't heard much about it
  16. It's pretty much the same thing except with robots, dragons and super advanced Aztec type stuff. You should definitely cheat in it though. I've had 500 units on the screen at once.

    It's more of a huge army kind of thing rather than being tactical.

    There's 3 factions

    Vinci - This is what would happen if leonardo da vinci had his own nation
    (I can't remember the other names)
    Magic - Think old Arabian nation with dragons
    Aztec - Truly mysterious, they have extremely strange stuff going on (Like powerful, but false gods)

    Here's a trailer showing some units.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgwawOgX8Hg]YouTube - Rise of Legends Game Trailer[/ame]
  17. Awesome dude thank you. Im going to check it out. I'll let you know what I think if I purchase it
  18. Here's the cheats

    Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Cheats, Codes, and Secrets for PC - GameFAQs

    When you do the "cheat add" thing, play around with the names. Add an 's' to some of them.
    Ex "cheat add 10 clockwork snipers" I actually discovered the most powerful unit in the game that way. It's called the moon gorilla btw.

    Most of the units you discover in the campaign can be used by the cheat.
    If i were you i'd write the interesting ones down.

    Hope you enjoy it.
  19. Hey thanks again Botanist. I didnt get it yet but I'll remember to check here again for those. I use the cheats for Rise of Nations as well:hide: lol
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    No prob.

    Rise of nations was really picky when it came to the "cheat add" thing.
    RoL is pretty open to everything. You put something reasonable in the text and you'll probably get what you're after.

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