Ripple Glass

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    Has anyone ever heard of Ripple Glass? I just bought one from a local headshop for $100.. its a 14" beaker bong with what i would guess to be 5mm glass.. pretty thick.

    ill post pictures in a little while but is this a decent bong?

    edit: congrats on my first post.. lmao
  2. Sounds legit, never heard of Ripple Glass before though so id have to see a pic to give you my opinion on it...
  3. oh and welcome to Grass City!
  4. haha thanks.. im watching the redwings game but when its over ill take a few pics of it
  5. China glass in the $100 range usually has a perc or two in it. But the more well known brands would be around $150 for a 14" 5mm beaker. So it sounds like either nice China glass or relatively new company trying to get their product out there.

    If you're happy with it then it's probably good.
  6. Ripple Glass is awesome! No one fumes like those guys! here is a link to their website..

    Ripple Glass USA

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