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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mous, May 9, 2011.

  1. Any of you guys enjoy driving while stoned? I know I do.

    A block away from my house and I start tokin' instantly. Sometimes I get within' 2 miles from my house, and then drive around for 15 more miles in that 2 mile space, before I get home. Meanwhile burning through a bowl at every well shaded/fenced/publicized place I can find in this tiny 1 square mile village that I call home. I either finally stop at home because the bowl's kicked, or the oldies station starts playing the wrong songs. Haha.

    Anyone else?
  2. im with u i loove driving high as fuck bumpin some music its so trippy
  3. Gas cost to much to drive around for pleasure...
  4. Absolutely, nice blunt + my subs is the perfect solution for a beautiful afternoon.
  5. just be careful. you wouldnt want to waste 4 bucks a gallon to cruise around your house and get an OUI. then you wouldnt have a license and you would prob get drug tested and have to stop smoking.

    Dont gte me wrong I toke up on long drives for sure, but i use visine and dont smoke constantly. just get baked and continue on with my day. dont revolve your life around grass, revolve grass around your life.
  6. Nah, man. I do it WHILE driving like once a month... as a treat. Usually I just rip in the car before I start it and leave. Put everything away and start driving.
  7. well thats not what you opened this thread saying
  8. Haha I love to drive high but It can be dumb too, first time I ever did It I caught myself going 20 in a 45 at around 11 at night. Thankfully I noticed and never had a problem since.

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