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Ripping people off

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Shook-Ones, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. People who rip people off are bastards. I have no respect for them. Whether they dont give you the right amount of weed, charge you too much, or take your money, they are scumbag bastard motherfuckers. To me its just low down, and dirty. And it makes them less of a man. They have no respect for anyone. For example... if its some geek ass kid, and he wants a 8th, and the dealer gives him 3grams. The dealer knows he ripped him off. He should be beaten.

    I hate the feeling of being ripped off. Shorted. w.e u wana call it. I pay for what i pay for. I expect nothing more. Nothing less.
  2. I feel you man. I tried buying some weed the other day from this other guy. He tells me its really good quality and he is giving a low price. He thinks im new to weed. He then takes out this really shity seedy ground up weed and he is expecting me to take out my money and hand it to him. I told him to screw off and told him to stop trying to fucking rip me off. I cant believe these bastards.
  3. eh didn't really get ripped off an awful lot, but still i get what u mean mostly every dealer now does fucking under weigh's, thats why should always get them to weigh it out infront of you exspesh if your buying large amounts or just buy a pair of scales yourself and bring them :smoke:

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