ripping a leaf and smelling it, makes you breathe better?lol

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    So I was waiting for the bus to go to my house yesterday, blazed as fuck right. Picked a leaf off a nearby bush and smelled it(i do that sometimes:confused:) and was thinking about how fresh it smelled. Then I got to thinking, if someone has breathing problems, and they rip a few leaves off a bush and inhale through them will that improve their breathing temporarily because plants omit oxygen? Or right when you pluck(kill) the leaf is all the oxygen then released right away, how does that work?

    probably a dumb idea:eek::p

    edit: if my post is too confusing im basically asking if plants still release oxygen after thye are plucked,
  2. you deffinatly had to be stoned for this hahaha.

    I will try it next time im out of breath but i highly doubt it will work. the amount of oxygen a single leaf would reliese is probably so little that it would make no difference at all.

  3. carbon cycle dude - the oxygen can't be released unless the plant is photosynthesizing (the same way you can't get help with breathing problems by sniffing a dead person, it's the same shit, plants produce oxygen as a biproduct of respiration). Besides, it needs to decompose before it releases anything which would take a few days, and then it would only release co2.
  4. Okay yeah, I really wasn't putting too much stock in my hypothesis, lol. In fact, right after I posted this, I read it and realized how good the shit was that I was smoking. At this particular moment in time we are speaking of, I was blowwwwn beyond belief haha. It was my first time hitting a bong in months:smoke::D
  5. photosynthesis is actually 6H20 + 6CO2 --> 6O2 (oxygen) and C6H12O6 (Glucose)

    plants, so long as they are provided water and carbon dioxide and light, will release oxygen into the atmosphere.

    now one leaf, i dont think, has enough notable oxygen output to alleviate symptoms like that, or even notice it's presence, but do note that that leaf is releasing oxygen until you take it off the plant.

  6. yeah i know, that's what i said lol
  7. try smushing a eucalyptus leaf and smelling it, it actually has proven benefits to people with asthma.
  8. yeah that sounds like it would help that. i actualy dont have breathing problems. i just think of the most random shit in the world when im high sometimes lol

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