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Ripper Seeds Grapegum

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by HydroNator, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Has anyone ever grown this seed or seen it? If so post pictures or comments on it. I have recently purchased these seeds and itching for information!!!!

  2. I just purchased these off Herbies as a pack just to see how they grow out. The result was not as bad as I thought it would be.

    Under a 400w HPS I yielded 23oz in 5 gallon grow pots (dry weight.) The smoke is good, very even stone, not too heady not too body. Veg for as long as you want, the plant does not respond to trimming, I would let the leaves fall off naturally.

    This plant would be an excellent mother plant for clones or a good plant to cross with a deeper indica in my opinion it is an easy to grow plant and does not have a bad problem with nutes.

    Overall I would give it a 8/10. Smoke would be a 7.5/10
  3. Got any pictures?
  4. 23 dry ounces under a 400 hps I call bullshit.. Pictures and how long did they flower for?
  5. Im growing 1 right now.  Ill take a pic and post in abit here.
  6. old post... nevermind.
  7. Flare.. Go ahead and post pix. I have 4 going right now. There in day 46 of flower with 4 weeks veg. I'll post pix to. I'm looking at 2-3 dry per plant under 600 w hps. This dude claims 23 dry ounces. Lmao ya maybe if he has 18 plants .. Haha
  8. Ya that dude is smoking crack claiming 23 ounces under a 400 you would be lucky to get a half pound under a 400w rarely do people achieve 1g per watt unless they have multiple lights going not just a lousy 400w that's just funny as hell to me 23 ounces most people strive to achieve that under a 1000w hps and u are claiming you got that with a 400w I mean I would of believed you if you said you vegged them under that 400 then put them outside to finish off but come on dude probably never grew shit in his life claiming those results.

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