ripped off

Discussion in 'General' started by Jack Herer, Oct 14, 2002.

  1. well this weekend i actually found some bud. A friend of mine knew a guy who knew a guy who had some nice kb's for 50 an eigth so me and my buddy each throw in 50 and send my buddy's friend to fund the weedman. he comes back awhile after that with a "quarter" of some really dank bud, i took about 4 hits and i had to put out the joint. i thought i was in outer space. so then we go home and into my friends house to split the quarter and we weigh it out and it only weighs in at 3.7 grams. we were a long way away from the guy we got to buy it for us and it was about 5 am by this time so i dont know what is going on. my friend is going to try to get an eight or 50 bucks from the guy but i dont know how that will turn out. all i know is that i paid 50 bucks for less than 2 grams. :(
  2. i knew a guy who bought some budda and inside the buds were some bb's from a bb gun.. aint that some shit
  3. ouchies. yeah i've gotten ripped off too.

    got a half o for 200 bills. (i knew i shouldnt have got it). the sack was short..yea i dont go through him anymore

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