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Ripped off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Capnfalconpunch, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. A while back I gave a 10 to my friend, he went to his guy and he got me what his guy told him was sour diesel mixed with purple haze. (he gave it to me in school hidden in a flashlight, i went in a stall to check it out and before i took it out i could smell skunk. orange hairs, and sticky) But it was only one tiny .5 gram nug. back then i didnt care because got fucked up off a little more than a pinch,but I want to go to the same guy and i wont if i got ripped off. help?
  2. Buying drugs at a high school? You sir, are retarted.
  3. depends on where you live but for $10 I get a gram of dank
  4. I'm in NY and Sour Diesel and Haze go for $20, so yeah you basically got a good deal there for .5
  5. If the bud was good it prolly 20 a gram so .5 for ten is right bra
  6. That's just a dime where I'm from, so yeah, you got what you paid for.
  7. I can only help you if you tell me how old you are.
  8. I refuse to help someone who hands a flashlight to a friend in class. And thinks THAT is inconspicuous.

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