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Ripped off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Silky, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. Hey GC,
    Last week I was intending to buy an eighth for $50. I went to my friend who was going to pick it up for me and gave him the money. He went to the dealer with my cash and got my nug. I then went into his car when he came back and smoked a blunt. He gave me the nug which looked like a relatively small amount and I accepted it as they told me it was dense. I wasn't expecting to get my scale until a couple days later but it came that day and I weighed out the herb which was 2.5gs. Basically I paid for 3.5 and got 2.5. I've talked to my friend and he says that I gave him the money and I never specified an amount which I did. What would you all do in this situation? I feel I can't do much besides accept it.
  2. Accept it, don't ever deal with your friend anymore.

    If he's the middle man and you can't do without him. Specify very clearly what you want, and if he fucks you over another time, well... use your imagination.

  3. I recently was purchasing $30 off my dealer. I expected it to be around 2 grams because it was dank, but no name, and not the best. To my surprise it was only 1.4 grams. I told my dealer this and he insisted it was 1.9 grams.

    The thing is, if you and your dealer can't agree on the amount that was given to you then maybe its time to find a new dealer, I know that's what I did.

    If you paid $50 for an 8th you should have gotten an 8th. If the bud was really good though and had a recognizable name then I wouldn't be too disappointed in $20/gram. However, like you said you were purchasing an 1/8th so it should have been 3.5 grams which is what you were expecting.
  4. I just realized that he made it seem that it was like the deal was between me and the dealer directly. I remembered that he owed me a dime anyway, so I'll need to confront him again anyway. Actually, do y'all think I should just cop as much weed off him as possible whenever he is smoking other people up?
  5. Nah man, he played with you, take a step back and let him do his thing. You don't need to lower yourself to his level.


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