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ripped off!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokin&tokin, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. i payed this guy who is kind of my friend (we smoked together some times and hung out sometimes). i payed him even a little extra for delivery of my weed. so anyways it had been 3 weeks now and i still dont got my weed! he always makes up excuses like his dad found it, or he doesnt have it, or he lost it, or he forgot to get it!!!! its fucking bullshit!!! i would literally beat his ass, but his big sister is stopping me, and she would really fuck me up!! i mean i can fight, but she can fight better, i would p[robley get my ass kicked, anyways!!!! so i went up to him and i fucking decked him!!!! his nose was bleeding and he didnt hit me back cus he knows its fucked up to hit a girl, so i punched him like 2 more times, and he didnt even hit me back!!!! so im punching his and yelling "give me my fucking weed!!!" and so he pulls it out of his pocket and gives me all of it!!!! so i smile and walk away!!!!! so his sister comes up and starts getting in my face, so ofcorse i get in her face and we start fighting and punching each other, when like 5 teachers break it up. and now im suspended for 5 days, but i dont care and im really happy, so now i get to stay home and smoke for 5 days, and not have to worry bout going to school and shit!!!!! im so happy!!!!!!
  2. how much did you beat this kid for? and how much did you pay?
  3. wtf do you mean "wrong". when someone trys to jack me for weed or money and says they dont have my weed when they do for 3 weeks he better expect to get his ass beat. he WAS you friend......someone who makes up lies and trys to steal from you isnt your friend. if you were walking down the street and someone you dont know trys to jack your money whould you let them??? HELL NO.... gotta beat his ass

  4. exactly. Dont fuck around with someones weed or someones money, its a unwritten law. u fuck around with either of mine n im gonna beat the fuck outta u, if I cant, im gonna get my bat to help me out.

  5. Wow. And I thought stoners were all Peace Love and Understanding. This thread really depresses me.
  6. wtf do i mean?

    Ripping people off is never right.
    and more so...
    Violence is never right.
    maybe 8 years ago i woulda done the same i was really violent back then... There are smarter ways to get what you want, to get revenge, to get justice, to get even, to get stoopid f*cks outta your way. There are ALWAYS better solutions than violence. it's just that violence is the simplest. It requires least thought. Why do you think most really thick people rely on violence to get what they want?

    There are ALWAYS better ways. And if u can't think of them your just not smart enough.

    For example... did you not think that by just giving this guy a beating you havn't stopped him from doing it again to others. And you've probably just made yourself an enemy. a couple of the many ways i thought of better solving the issue, could be to start to discredit him - start your own little propaganda war on him, or intimidation. Intimidation is a powerfull force if used correctly and no violence need ever be used, you can also gain someones future honesty and loyalty in such a method. But hey, these are but only two options. Violence is never the right option.

    There are simply two things that will lead to absolute destruction:

    destruction itself (duhh! violence).

    Violence is ilogical.

    philosophy session over.

    so wtf do i mean?



  7. Hmm it depends on how much money is involved here 20 5-40 bucks this would not be how to solve the situation but if it was like 60 or especially 100 then i say do what u gotta do...
    although fighting for weed isnt gonna make them legalize it any faster heh...
    but i would be too high to fight anybody????
  8. if i let someone jack me and not do anthing about it then other people and dealers are gonna think they can rip me off too. if i beating the shit out of someone for trying to jack me i know they wont try to jack me again unless they wanna catch another beat down. + im buyin somthing illegal so i cant tell a teacher i have to use street justice. and marijuana users are peaceful unless you get them mad.

  9. hehehehehehehe. Thnx for proving my point dumbass!
  10. hah cool and your a girl who did this? heh rock on. I dont let people bullshit me either, its your money, we all gotta work for it, we shouldnt have to sit around and wait for some bud from some prick who keeps making excuses.
  11. you totally did the right thing

  12. okay, im peaceful, but NEVER let anyone rip you off, or they will walk all over you. Go ahead n be peaceful, n ppl will owe you money forever, then just forget all about it.

  13. calling names, way to be peaceful....

    that and your dissing someone for expressing his opinion, very unstoner like


  14. While I agree with everyone that rip-offs and violence are wrong, I thought this was totally cool that a girl decked a dude that had done her wrong. You go girl!! :D
  15. you go girl, that kinda happend to me once , i trusted a friend to buy some weed and i gave him a lot of money to get it for me, and when i asked for it he neva give it me and made some shit excuse, i then later was told by another friend that he has smoked it all with some other of his friend's, so i got a few of my friends and a couple of baseball bats and crow bars and went to town on his car. that'll teach the mother fucker. i know some people think that a man has no right to fuck with another mans Vehicle, but it just had to be done
  16. oh yeh, thinking a girl deck another guy kinda turns me on , i dunno why but any way.
  17. totally went out of your way to make a point then negated every thing you said right after. Think more before you try to impose your personal beliefs onto other people.

    Here's the way I see it...It was strictly business. If this guy had offered you weed for free, and not given it to you, then what you did was wrong. But money was paid, and especially since you gave extra delivery money out of courtesy, it's open game, girl. Props for holdin it down.

  18. how did i prove your point? i was proving my point. alot of ppl prolly heard about smokin&tokins fight at school and now they know not to rip her off or she will beat their ass. when you goto ANY school and are buying illegal drugs(prolly from a "bad kid") you better be ready for anything and one of them is fighting. after fighting a person the "beef" is usally "squashed" and you dont have to worry about it anymore. if you start "propaganda war" then hes gonna get mad and prolly gonna wanna beat you ass. fightinh people is just something you have to except.
  19. if your fucking with my money, your fucking with me emotions, and we all know i wont have that.

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